Little Boots – “Shake”

Little Boots, AKA Victoria Hesketh, will be releasing her highly-anticipated sophomore electro-dance-pop album sometime this year and “Shake” is the first cut to make it out to the public.  It first appeared in remix form as part of the 39-minute-long “Shake Until Your Heart Breaks” (Who can resist a song title like that?), where Victoria remixed dance classics (including “Get Into the Groove” by Madonna) of the past and then tacked on the blissfully scintillating end half of her new tune to the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle.  Now an abbreviated (Well, 6 minutes and 19 seconds) single is available for purchase and is simply titled “Shake”.

The single takes a while to reach its peak, with the first two-thirds laying down an up-tempo clacking beat, airy, enticing, Kylie-like vocals from Victoria, and a catchy, but standard verse-chorus-verse structure.  Around the 4-minute-mark the song reaches its zenith, as Victoria breaks it down old-school style with a dreamy, shimmery film of synths and continually pumping beat.  Victoria’s sweetly wistful, short-phrase refrains mesh with her delightfully infectious “la-la-las” and a man’s voice intoning “Shake.”

“Shake” – official single:

For just the icing on the cake, here is the ending of “Shake”.  Repetitive, sure, but catchy as all get out: