The Smittens

Colin Clary:

The Middle OnesIt Is the Rehearsal That Will Make This

I can’t say enough good things about this album – it’s chock full of songs that make me swoon and Anna and Grace’s carefree chaotic swells of vocal exuberance wind me up in the best way. I find myself either wanting to giggle or cry depending on the day. Love it to bits. I have found that for some, the lo-fi production values can be a sticking point, but for me it all just adds to the magic. I wish I had written the line “I will treasure you, how I will treasure you.” Kills me every time.

Standard FareOut of Sight, Out of Town

Dana and I did a Let’s Whisper tour with this gang and were lucky to get an advance copy of this amazing album. I listen to it at home and we sing along to almost every track. Still finding new things to love in this album 3 months later – honestly one of our favorite things to listen to this year. I love pretty much everything about this band, except that they live so far away! I suppose I’m still amazed that they made a follow up to The Noyelle Beat that is even better! Yow!

Let’s WhisperThe Shortest Days

Dana and I released this album on WeePOP! this year and I would be willing to bet that I’ve listened to it more than anyone on the planet. Still love it. I definitely feels like the soundtrack to a lot of my year.

Dana Kaplan:

I agree with the above choices, but would also like to add

MENTalk About Body

David Zacharis:

Architecture in Helsinki’sMoment Bends

Jen Lekman’sArgument with Myself

Moustache of InsanityAlbum of Death

Holly Chagnon:

Sounds good to me!

Max Andrucki:

The Andersen TapesAs I Write Today Ten Times

I really love this album by the Swedish twee supergroup. Ten sweet, short, wonderful, unpretentious pop songs.

Amor de DíasStreet of the Love of Days

This album is by Lupe from Pipas and Alasdair from the Clientele and it’s very grown up and has some chilling, haunting moments. I love the simplicity of their voices.

YelleSafari Disco Club

I’m currently addicted to this new Yelle record.

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