Martin Kennedy of All India Radio – Top Album of 2011

Kate Bush50 Words For Snow

I’m always worried when asked to contribute to end-of-year best album lists, especially if it has to be new music. As far as I’m concerned, new music stopped in the late 1990’s. Now I only hear new music from a distance and most of it reminds me of teenagers going through their parents record collection, trying to second guess what the next fad will be.  So by default my Top 3 Albums of 2011 list is a bit slim. Luckily for me, I happened to catch the tail end of a song on the radio recently and something in my head went Bing!  Something mysterious and strange. It was “Wild Man” by Kate Bush from her new album 50 Words For Snow.  A few days later I heard another track from it. Same reaction again – mysterious, evocative, unusual. So I bought the album. First Kate Bush album I’ve ever bought and I love it. I know some hate it. For me it is the best (and only) album of 2011.