The Boxing Lesson – “Muerta” video

“Muerta” by The Boxing Lesson is a grand, deliberately-paced slow-builder awash with bluesy slide guitar lines, deep, solemn organ notes, and tense, pained vocals from lead vocalist Paul Waclawsky. Paul’s lamenting vocals arc upwards in airy anguish, as he strings out the words “…waiting to die.”, backed by Jaylinn Davidson’s sweeter-toned vocals. Fomenting guitar licks follow, supported by crests of brighter synth notes and rolling waves of organ. The finale features jags of searing rock guitar and elevating swells of organ notes that create an expansive and uplifting atmosphere.

In the video directed by Jonathan London, animated by Will Kistler, and shot by Matt Sanchez, the viewer follows the immediate aftermath of a tragic vehicular accident, where Paul, Jaylinn, and their musical equipment end up plunged into the sea. The camera pans over Paul’s seemingly lifeless, sinking body, his clothes ripped and skin bloodied, and then focuses on his face. It’s a bit of a surprise when Paul opens his eyes and starts to sing a few lines, air bubbles trailing away from his lips.

Paul and Jaylinn travel downwards through the depths until, almost imperceptibly, because she’s far in the background, Jaylinn suddenly “departs”, glowing white and swimming upwards. Paul continues his descent to the dark, cold sea floor until the encroaching gloom is abated by Paul’s encounter with phosphorescent, snake-like deep sea creatures. At the end of the video, he too is “taken” by the sea, emitting a pale glow as he begins his ascent.

The overall experience is bleakly morbid, but also strangely cathartic, with a glimmer of hope divined from the fact that Paul doesn’t just end up as a rotting corpse on the bottom of the sea floor, but also rises above the physical state of his fate.

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