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Debut album from Is And Of The out now

Heads Phased For Dreamless Sleep, the debut release from Is And Of The, was initially conceived as an ambient piece designed to alleviate the insomnia of the album's creator, Drew Bandos. Building on a platform of minimalism, elements of shoegaze, post-rock, and psychedelia started to creep their way into the mix, and the project quickly grew into … [Read more...]

Can – Tago Mago (40th Anniversary Reissue)

Having been on a shamefully belated personal Can back catalogue trawl over the last year, it’s clearly apparent that not one album can truly represent and illustrate what made the band so special and so important.  Even the over-polished and disjointed albums from the band’s twilight years are at least, in parts, crucial in explaining their … [Read more...]

Official news from The Ropes

Our new 7"/EP "Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer" is out now. You can download the title track for free @ Soundcloud The 7" and digital EP can be purchased from our official store at Track Listing: 1. Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer 2. The Whores Are Funny Again 3. Designer Beggars 4. Take Your … [Read more...]

Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” video

Now-ubiquitous YouTube sensation Lana Del Rey, who hasn’t even released a debut album yet, is shooting to fame based on the strength of the video for her song “Video Games”.  The self-made video, which has over 6 million-and-counting views on YouTube, features lots of close-ups of Lana intercut with California-centric found footage and faded home … [Read more...]

Björk – Biophilia

Through many kinds of sounds, styles and substance, Björk has always supported a poignant affection of splendid music. For practically twenty years the Icelandic musician has stepped out of her skin, time after time, to craft some of the better albums of these decades. Post and Vespertine nestle within the realm of masterpiece territory and much of … [Read more...]

Interview with Fiona

Hello Fiona! How are you doing? Wow, I can’t believe it’s been about two decades since you’re last album, and now, as if no time has passed by at all, you’re back with a spectacular and powerful new album (with your spirited and compelling vocals in top form) titled Unbroken which was released in October. I also can’t believe I’m doing this … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Music And Migration II

Whereas Second Language’s last compilation from earlier this year, Minute Papillon, went for grand conceptual ambition (featuring 60 artists contributing 60 second pieces), this latest compendium goes for a far more manageable 14-track thematic sequel to 2010’s acclaimed Music And Migration.  Whilst in lesser hands, another collection of pieces … [Read more...]

Music from High Pop out now

High Pop is Sean Posila and Jordan Caulfield. They muster up fuzzy garage pop, written for the very dregs of youth culture which they sprout from. There is no doubt some weird, slightly demented chemistry between these two boys. All their songs are written and recorded in their basement. What goes on down there, I do not know. At any given time, … [Read more...]

Harpoon – Deception Among Birds

The controlled chaos and staggering sounds arising from the blend of grindcore, hardcore, and punk within the new album Deception Among Birds from Chicago metallers Harpoon, has resulted in a release that is gloriously impressive and deeply satisfying. The album, released October 25th via Seventh Rule Recordings, is a creative triumph, a colossus … [Read more...]

Craft – Void

In 2005 Craft released what was to be their final album, Fuck The Universe. Low and behold, 2011 marked the return of the Swedish Black Metal five piece. Craft bring something new to the table while re-inventing the genre. Obviously influenced by Darkthrone and Burzum, Craft's Void takes the listener back to 1992. Heavy, with orchestral … [Read more...]