Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” video

Now-ubiquitous YouTube sensation Lana Del Rey, who hasn’t even released a debut album yet, is shooting to fame based on the strength of the video for her song “Video Games”.  The self-made video, which has over 6 million-and-counting views on YouTube, features lots of close-ups of Lana intercut with California-centric found footage and faded home movies.

Lana’s confessional songstress style and elegantly pensive, vintage-sounding voice recalls the likes of Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Gemma Ray.  She languidly draws out her words with a longing, pensive ache.  There are shades of Stevie Nick’s introspection (but Lana’s voice is clear and not wavering) and of Hope Sandoval’s soporific tone, but Lana infuses the song with a more womanly, alluring inflection as she sing-talks “It’s all for you / – everything I do.” And “Heaven is a place on earth with you.”

There is a strangely displacing, nouveau-retro mash-up to the “Video Games” video, starting with Lana’s appearance.  Her long-waved tresses are fluffed and swept back from her forehead for a bouffant look that’s reminiscent of the iconic, 1960s styles of Bridget Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.  Her make-up is minimal save for some under-eye mascara and eyeliner application and pale shadow shimmer on the lids.

Lana’s self-described “HOLLYWOOD SAD CORE, SUMMERTIME SADNESS” video works in shots of quintessential Los Angeles landmarks like the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, the Roxy, and the Hollywood sign (with the Pioneer Club casino in Las Vegas thrown in for good measure).  Lana mixes recent filming of starlet Paz La Huerta taking a misfortunate tumble at the Chateau Marmont with 1950s footage of shutterbugs snapping pix with their clunky cameras and outsized flash bulbs.  She then juxtaposes this incident with grainy black ‘n’ white video of skaterboarders wiping out on the pavement.  Faded home movies suffused with a golden California glow unreel images of friends on vacation, giving the video a nostalgic vibe.

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