Alpine White – The Hale EP

Alpine White – The Hale EP

It’s fairly appropriate to say that inspiration comes from anything and everything under the yellow sun. People use inspiration as the driving force behind some of the world’s richest arts: movies continue to delve into life’s wondrous possibilities, for example. And with that, musicians strive to create the music they were meant to create. San Francisco-based band Alpine White has always been true to their inspirations and now their debut, The Hale EP, offers a strong dose of rock music with sincere lyricism.

The band started with brothers Colin and Ian Denker before springing to a quartet by early 2011. The music on The Hale features a slight lean on muscular guitar rock with a driving, propulsive tempo all the way through. As chief songwriter and singer, Colin invigorates the four songs on this succinct EP with rugged chords and jagged harmonies and melodies that compliment the band’s straightforward motive well. Borrowing on influences that sound like everything between The Decemberists to The Strokes, Alpine White showcase a gritty rock style that slams into a traversing pattern to reveal solid songwriting within.

On “Days and Nights” the band is able to contrast Colin’s strands of guitar shine and yelping vocals with a timely counter rhythm guitar and pumping drums. The sparkle of the guitar can define many of their stronger melodies, but the way each member adds to the overall chemistry is impressive. It’s never more apparent than on the opening “When She Gets Home,” as it begins with a soft acoustic strum and Colin’s lone voice singing, “Had better days weeks ago, weeks ago and this is ours rightly so,” before the band joins in for a fervent swell. The song grows into a full amass of stampeding drums and scaling guitars; the structure of the song is so well-balanced that you almost forget just how well the sparkling melody works, throughout.

Though it’d be unnecessary to heap any kind of unconvinced expectations from the band, The Hale EP does a fine job of impressing with what seems like refined potential. When inspiration knocks not many know how to channel it well and for what Alpine White intends, their music will always stay true to intrinsic nature. Brief as it may be, this EP conveys a strong band that hopefully continues to improve with each passing release and with a continued love of inspired hooks and melodies, the music will surely follow.

“When She Gets Home” by Alpine White