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Feist – Metals

During her days with Broken Social Scene, Leslie Feist’s voice was the brilliant change of pace, change of tone, change of breathy beauty that gorgeously delivered magnificent moments. The band was at its finest when everyone’s singular traits were called upon for equally singular moments that couldn’t be matched by anyone else. Feist’s vocals – … [Read more...]

New album from Thavius Beck

Thavius Beck - Amber Embers Volume 1 Thavius Beck gives his fans their first recorded taste of the minimal, hard-hitting, and dance-centric version of his music that’s previously only been displayed in his DJ sets at clubs around the world with Amber Embers Volume 1. Atop a chopped and buried vocal sample, "In Excess" harkens to the early days … [Read more...]

Flare Acoustic Arts League – Big Top/Encore EP2

L D Behgtol was and perhaps still is a prominent member of The Magnetic Fields, a band whose unique and irreverent take on alt. folk has, in some opinions, made them the most influential acoustic practitioners of recent decades. It took something to make banjos really sound cool but The Magnetic Fields, with their gently crafted, wistfully romantic … [Read more...]

Wizard – Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes

For over twenty years German heavy metalers Wizard have been creating rock sounds that have been eagerly devoured by their homeland and rock fans further afield even if they have never quite reached the top levels of recognition and acclaim. Though not a fan of classic rock in general and with much knowledge of the band’s previous recorded work, it … [Read more...]

Link to TV debut of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' single has climbed to the top of iTunes charts worldwide. Since its release, 'Video Games' reached the #10 spot on the Main chart and #3 on the Pop chart in the U.S., and has also ranked #1 in 9 countries, including Australia, France, Norway and Holland. The single is Top 10 in Sweden, Spain and Italy. Lana Del Rey … [Read more...]

Ladies Auxiliary – On the Shadow

Ah, the curse of the sophomore album.  Performers, critics, and fans alike are all keenly aware of the pressure that often plagues musicians with the follow-up to an inspired debut.  Apply too much creative zeal in your chrysalis, and you’re likely to be flogged by listeners for circumvention - those who fell for MGMT’s surging synthpop on Oracular … [Read more...]

Yojimbo Billions Announce New Record

"Collapsed, Unloaded": Yojimbo Billions (born Zach Vogt) is an electronic musician from Phoenix, Arizona. As a child, he studied piano, alto saxophone and electric bass; he would study music theory in college and work as a jazz musician before moving on to other pursuits. In … [Read more...]

Zola Jesus – Conatus

When pursuing hopes and desires, many dream about being able to accomplish great feats. Somewhere in the world of music rides a special feeling of desire where musicians are able to connect and channel amazing works. For Zola Jesus’ Nika Roza Danilova, music has only just begun and still, her craft appears like something most noticed on a seasoned … [Read more...]

Interview with Scott of Secret Shine

Hi Scott!  How are you doing these days? I'm doing fine now after a horrid 2010 on many levels for most members of the band for different reasons, except of course the final days of the year  and releasing our new album. Your latest album The Beginning And The End came out last December, on Christmas day no less, and I wanted to include it in … [Read more...]

Hey Marseilles – Elegy EP

It’s about time we heard something from Hey Marseilles, the Seattle chamber pop septet whose debut first dropped in December of 2008.  The band’s earnest orchestrations quickly became the toast of indie music’s glitterati, earning them coveted spots at CMJ, Bumbershoot, NPR, and even Starbucks.  To some, Hey Marseilles was merely a Decemberists … [Read more...]