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FAO#31: Mark Fry / The A. Lords, Meg Baird, Jeffrey Lewis and Savaging Spires

Although much is made of the egalitarianism and creative freedom bequeathed on the musical landscape by punk, it could be argued that folk music has been much more liberating and far-reaching for artists the world above. Whether it comes from its timeless flexibility or the crude fact that electricity isn’t always required to sow the initial … [Read more...]

Mekons – Ancient & Modern, 1911-2011

Obviously I’m not the most impartial reviewer on this one – but I think this is a great record. Ancient & Modern is approximately the 26th record that The Mekons have made (it depends what you’re counting as to whether that’s accurate). It is imaginative and rich work, with the thematic coherence and musical eclecticism of some of their best … [Read more...]

Echidna – Dawn Of The Sociopath

Returning with their second album, Portuguese thrash/death metalers Echidna have unleashed a dangerous and compelling beast that is as intimidating and intrusive as the running theme behind it. Dawn Of The Sociopath is a concept album exploring the devious mind and black evil of a sociopath, each track taking the listener on a transition from seed … [Read more...]

7″ Single from Parish of Little Clifton out on Bad Panda

The Parish of Little Clifton, 19 y.o. from Canada, started as acoustic folk project, turned on electronic-based music, trying to keep the organic elements of real instruments by using samples. He previously release an EP on Cultus Vibes (Teen Daze's label) and Septembersh 7'' is a taste of the LP (Portia) that will be released this fall and will … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Chore Of Enchantment (reissue)

As one of the most aptly-named albums in Giant Sand’s vast discography, 2000’s Chore Of Enchantment is a testament to forging magic out of adversity.  Widely-regarded as one of the best – if not the best – in the group’s sprawling canon, Chore is a kaleidoscopic collection, like R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People, against which everything before and … [Read more...]

Das Racist – Relax

Part of the sizzle that made Das Racist last year’s favorite new hip-hop act was their undeniable ability at being true wordsmiths. Sure, there was heaps and heaps of frenetic vigor on their two respective '10 mixtapes, Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man, but beneath the attraction of two playful MCs and a production line that scattered from … [Read more...]

The serpent and the shadow – Film by Jeff Martin

As a post-script to my recent review of Idaho’s You were a dick, I’d recommend devoting a few minutes of your time to the short film, ‘The Serpent and the Shadow,’ which comes with it, and which is now available on the internet. It's written and directed by Idaho’s Jeff Martin, with beautiful cinematography by Kristina Schulte-Eversum. I’ve … [Read more...]

New Album from The Cortege out soon

The Cortègeis the closing installment to two decades of remarkable albums and riveting live performances from To Live and Shave in L.A. The core trio of Ben Wolcott, Rat Bastard and Tom Smith has led this collective of legendary music-makers since the early 1990’s when they crossed paths in the early Miami Beach punk/noise/experimental … [Read more...]

Civil Civic – Rules

Not so very long ago, a new phrase started to appear in the music press, one that represented the resurgence of post-rave dance music specifically in London although it soon caught on as a genre specific description for the fast, tuneful and indeed danceable electronica that was emanating from the ultra hip basement clubs of those parts of the UKs … [Read more...]

Mild Mannered – Believeland

In the annals of rock and roll history, no band has thought to call themselves Mild Mannered. Think about that for a minute. It used to be that rock and roll was all about being the biggest and the best.  However, since the alt revolution of the mid 80's, being underwhelming has been something to be.  On their debut, Believeland, Mild Mannered … [Read more...]