Folk-pop Album from Steven Hefter out now

Steven Hefter conjures a debut album of masterful folk-pop songs as St. Even.

“Spirit Animal” drawing heavy praise from coast-to-coast. Hear the single now.

Prior to that album, Hefter developed his lyrically-driven folk sensibilities and melodic indie-rock textures with Judd Bolger (Judd and Maggie) and Billy Gordon (J. Roddy Walston and The Business) in the bands Sons of Buford and Challenge Club respectively.

The west coast beckoned Hefter in 2009, and now in 2011, under the name St. Even (still really cool), Spirit Animal is set to show the rest of the country what some already know. Spirit Animal was recorded with Jake Kelly (Kimya Dawson) at Materials To Outlet Studios in Portland, Oregon with an immensely talented smattering of old and new friends in tow. It is available via Dustbin Records now.