Q&A with Michael of Tuesday Glass

Hiya Michael! It’s so great to have the chance to chat with you about your really new band Tuesday Glass, which you started on your own in April of this year. You’ve already released one EP and your second EP, High Wired, is due out on August 30th.  What can listeners expect from High Wired?

Sure! Well, I don’t want to give away too much about the sound of  the new EP, but listeners can definitely expect an assortment of songs  that will all be perfectly befitting for their “take me back” mixtapes  to their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends; more so than the first EP.

From what I’ve read, you decided to add to your one-man-band line-up in order to play gigs. Who’s in the band now and what instruments does each member play?

Yeah, I did and I’m really glad I made the decision. It’s really  refined the sound of the music that I was trying to make. All their contributions musically and motivationally profoundly benefitted the process of recording and writing High Wired. My old buddy Blake Morell plays guitar, Jamie Coster plays the guitar as well, Chris Warden plays the drums, and Gabe Jacobson plays the bass. They’re all really great dudes.

Your debut EP, Way Out, Way Out, came out this past May and it was truly a solo effort with you writing and recording the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle on your Mac (!) in your bedroom (!!). How does this first EP compare to your upcoming one, and why such a short gap of about 3 months between EPs?

High Wired is definitely a progression from Way Out Way Out, music-wise and production-wise. Although I did record most of High Wired in my ‘pseudo-studio’ at my house, the entire process was different in the fact that I wasn’t sitting on my bed with my laptop and guitar, eating warmed-up burritos from 7-11 and drinking gigantic Pina Colada slurpees, like I did for the first EP. High Wired still indubitably has the same dreamy, pop sound that Way Out Way Out had, but the songs are more structured and ‘polished’ in a sense. I think the main driving forces in the progression from the first EP are the contributions that my band members made during the writing and  recording process of it. The gap between the EPs is short because I  was so stoked with the new sound that my band members and I created once we started playing together, that I wanted to release something with them.

I’m swooning over your recent single “Franklin”! Its effect is akin to a Xanax-induced daydream. I love how your hazy vocals arc airily upwards at the ends of phrases. The song is a bit deceptive though, because it changes from a laid-back beat and quietly scintillating guitars to a rockin’ guitar solo and kinetic drum work. What artists and/or ideas influenced you when creating this song?

Thanks! Xanax-induced daydream is so spot on! Maybe it’s because we were all on a ton of it while we were recording the song…. It’s
hard to say that any specific artists directly influenced the song, but I was listening to a lot of the 60’s psychedelic band Gandalf
while I was recording the EP, so that may have an indirect influence on the vibes of “Franklin”.

What’s the story behind your band name? Is there any connection to items like Depression glass or sea glass? 

There actually is a fairly funny story behind the name. One of my  friends created for herself an ‘alter-ego’, named “Tuesday Glass”, when she was younger . I’m not really quite sure why she came up with that  name and frankly I thought the idea was sort of stupid and juvenile, but her imaginary persona was intended, I guess, to reveal her ‘eccentric’, wayward side. I thought it’d be fun to adapt that persona to my music by calling it Tuesday Glass, so I took her name, although the songs didn’t necessarily turn out reflecting waywardness or whatever.

The cover art for your High Wired EP is really cool in a spooky, shivery way, where a dinosaur (?) skeleton is illuminated in front of shadowy mesa.  Where does the image come from and is there a link between that visual and the songs on the EP?

To be honest, I don’t know much behind the photograph beyond the fact that it was taken by a friend of mine, Maggie Lochtenberg. There isn’t necessarily a ‘tangible’ link between the photo and the music, but when I came across the photograph I knew immediately it was perfect for the EP, so I guess you can say there is some sort of visceral link between the two.

Tuesday Glass - High Wired EP

Okay, what’s this about you all being in High School? You are just way too ambitious! Don’t you have enough to deal with, with homework, social media, and, oh, actual social interaction? LOL

 It’s because we’d all much rather be jamming out, playing music in my basement rather than doing our two page reports on JFK’s role in  the Cuban Missile Crisis or whatever. We all do keep up really well in school though, and it does get tough sometimes trying to devote all our time to both.

What is High School like these days, at least in your experience? It’s been a while since I’ve run that gauntlet…

High School isn’t all that bad actually. Besides all the work that I have to do regarding school and the pressures from my parents
or whatever, I enjoy being able to take the classes and the accessibility of meeting new people.

Are you currently working on new material for an album? Are you thinking it will be in the same vein as your EPs?

Yeah I’ve been trying to write and record a little lately, but it’s always difficult to find the right inspiration. I don’t necessarily know about a full-length album because, like a lot of bands have been saying, I feel like people don’t really have the patience to genuinely appreciate an entire album like they used to. I don’t know, my notions about the music world aren’t always credible and I’m susceptible to change my opinion towards it all anytime, but that’s what I believe now.

How can listeners get ahold of your EPs?  Thanks for doing this Q&A with me!

We will be releasing it on bandcamp at http://tuesdayglass.bandcamp.com/ where anyone can download it for a small price! Thank you!