Q&A with Jon Simmons of Balance and Composure

Doylestown, PA’s Balance and Composure has made a name for itself through a few EPs and a popular split with Tigers Jaw. The band’s shining moment thus far, however, is their debut LP Separation. Students of grunge, alternative and emo are in attendance, but it’s above the influence, void of filler and filled with suburban soul. Frontman Jon Simmons caught us up on all things B&C.

Balance and Composure

No Sleep Records released Separation in May. Has it made the impact you had hoped for or exceeded that?

We weren’t aiming to make an “impact” rather than just to put out the 12 best songs we could write as a band. The response has definitely exceeded our expectations though. We’re more than grateful that people can relate to it. It’s a really cool thing.

Did all the material from the sessions with producer Brian McTernan make the record?

All of the songs that we recorded with Brian are on Separation. No secret ones!

B&C is touring the full US this fall with Polar Bear Club, Fireworks, Such Gold and Make Do And Mend. Anything in the works for this winter?

Yeah, couldn’t be more excited for that tour, it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for some time now. After the fall tour, we’re doing a couple weeks with Rival Schools and Hostage Calm which will rule and then in December we’re heading over to Europe/UK with our good friends in Title Fight and Transit. Next year we’ll be doing a lot.

What can make up your best and worst days on the road?

In the summer it’s air conditioning and nothing else. If we’ve got it, we’re good. If not, it can make for a miserable time traveling. Eating good food usually defines for a good day and of course playing shows always makes everything worth it in the end.

Does playing guitar and handling lead vocals work the way you want? Or do you wish you could fully engage the crowd?

Yeah. Having three guitars makes everything louder and that’s always a plus. It’s cooler and more of a challenge anyway when a band can engage a crowd by not being “fully engaged” without a guitar.


What albums have been getting regular play in the van? Do you have a record of the year yet?

It’s always changing but Sainthood Reps’ Monoculture and a bunch of 90’s radio hits have been in rotation heavily as of late. Title Fight’s Shed for record of the year.

If you were drafting a fantasy league for the next B&C tour, who would the players be? Name any two bands you’d choose to open for Balance and two you’d choose to support.

Seahaven and Sainthood Reps. It’d be crazy to open for Manchester Orchestra or Say Anything.

Has B&C become a “part” of everyone?

I mean yeah, it’s kind of inevitable. We’re not constantly reflecting and conversing about the band though. If we were to take ourselves that seriously that’d be dumb and not everything would be as meaningful.