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FAO#30: 16 Horsepower, The Raincoats & Teenage Fanclub

With seemingly as many new records hitting music store shelves as reissue or retrospective produce in recent times, keeping up with both streams of relentless output can be pretty damn exhausting for completionist connoisseurs with diverse tastes.  There’s simply no breather from it all anymore, particularly in this year’s post-summer release … [Read more...]

New Album from The Caseworker

MP3: Music Video: On their third album Letters From The Coast The Caseworker exude the feel of a shoegazing Velvet Underground reared by the Flying Nun label - the perfect balance of drone and chime. The band creates an enigmatic intimacy and … [Read more...]

Brutal Truth – End Time

On first thought, a new Brutal Truth album brings anticipation and excitement, but the first listen brings indecision tinged with a bit of disappointment. Naturally, a repeat listen with isolated attention to each track comes next and the conclusion is that End Time, with its 23 song devastation, contains some of the finest and most brutal tracks … [Read more...]

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The success story of a band like Girls seems improbable and yet somehow pedestrian in 2011.  The banality of the situation is obvious – two dudes united by a slacker aesthetic, recreational drugs, and a love of music actuated by said drugs dole out lo-fi stoner rock rife with both psychedelic approbations and self-deprecation.  This sort of music – … [Read more...]

Circa – And So On

Supergroups are nothing new in progressive rock—there’s Transatlantic, ELP, Asia, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Tangent, and OSI (just to name a few). While a project consisting of several artists from several different bands is an exciting prospect, there is always the risk that the music will sound too similar to the members’ main bands. With … [Read more...]

Five-track EP from Silver Wren out now

"Crystalline (Expensive Looks Remix)": Silver Wren is the psych-folk project of Ross Campbell (age 20). He currently lives in Gainesville, Florida where he is pursuing a degree in International Studies at UF. Campbell’s musical experience is eclectic. During his high … [Read more...]

Album from Helluvah in September

As we move silently, HELLUVAH 's second album will be available for download on September 21 and physically released on September 26. Video: Official Site: … [Read more...]

New Album from Collide end of September

... the count down is on!!! Our new  CD,  Counting to Zero  is scheduled to drop on Sept. 27th . Here is a track list to whet your appetites: 1. Bending & Floating 2. Lucky 13 3. Mind Games 4. In the Frequency 5. Clearer 6. Counting to Zero 7. Human 8. Tears Like Rain 9. Further From Anything 10. Slow Down 11. Letting … [Read more...]

The Duke Spirit – Bruiser

Formed in 2003, The Duke Spirit have lurked near unseen or heard at the edges of my own personal music knowledge, a band whose name I recognise but one that, until last week, I could have told anyone very little about. A band whose name I've seen in the music press, in other writers' reviews or in festival listings. It's often the way. Semi-pro … [Read more...]

Hemoptysis – Misanthropic Slaughter

From the first coaxing riffs in the opening seconds of the title track on Misanthropic Slaughter, the debut album from US metalers Hemoptysis, one is engaged with an album that ripples with well written, intelligent, and appetising metal sounds that will delight any palate. Throbbing riffs, firmly grabbing rhythms, and intriguing directional … [Read more...]