Noxious Foxes – Legs

Noxious Foxes-Legs

I find that it is never a bad thing when the initial reaction to the first song off of an album sends an impulse to your brain, which immediately fires a corresponding impulse carrying a message to the muscles in your face causing a contraction that ultimately is punctuated by a subtle smile: enter the smirk. This is what I would call an impulse narrative – I have never listened to Noxious Foxes before this review (this is going to change), and it just adds to my overall enjoyment of the final product. Add to the fact that this is somewhat of a blind review as I am listening to each song for the first time while writing this. Anyway, narrative methodology aside, what are you in store for when you pick up Legs by Noxious Foxes? Who knows, their name sounds weird enough, right? So let’s turn the page while the ink is still freshly printed upon it and find out what your ears may or may not be prepared for.

I am a fan of “math rock”. I understand some of the critiques lobbed in its direction from time to time as some choose to label it as soulless, mechanical, and just technical for technicality’s sake. Opinions are rarely things that end up being 100% correct, but they should always be weighed against that which they purport to critique, even with a grain of salt. All of that to say there are some bands that do not bring anything new to the table and, although they are good musicians, they do not progress their genre or music in any new direction: see status quo. With Legs, Noxious Foxes continue to forge an interesting path with their “loud, fast, dense, loop-oriented, rhythmically-focused rock music.” They take elements of math/experimental/post-0Rock and meld them together coupled with some interesting dashes of Electronica. I could compare them to Tera Melos the way they manage to make a finger blistering guitar aside flow like a ShoeGaze or Neo-Psychedelic song. I could also compare them to Adebisi Shank in the way other tracks can come at you at a marvelously dizzying pace ,stopping and starting at a moment’s whim , mixing and switching up  time signatures, and the multitude of angular melodies that seem to surround you at all times.

Legs is infectious, spacey, odd, and just plain awesome Noxious Foxes truly live up to their name with this release, whatever that  means. Never-mind, just disregard the last part of the previous sentence. My advice is to revel in this pure and exotic slice of musical mayhem/Heaven; in either case you are sure to take away plenty from the listen, take my word for it. Chances are it won’t be the last time you take in this surreal spectacle of clashing sounds. So you can probably guess where I am going with this…. High recommendation!

Check out: “Heavenly Spectacular”, “Wherever Hugo,Guido”, “A real Leonardo DiCaprio Shit”….Or you could just buy the whole album.