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Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams

Dum Dum Girls is a female-fronted indie rock group from California. Any preconceived notions about their sound based on these facts, however, should be promptly abrogated. These aren’t sunny, carefree melodies from the likes of contemporaries Best Coast. Rather, these tracks from Dum Dum Girls’ sophomore release are tethered in rebellion and … [Read more...]

Tunnels – The Blackout

Continuously evolving his sounds, Tunnels has been the moniker for musician Nicholas Bindeman for quite some time now. At first a droning experiment that reached into psychedelia with mixed results, Bindeman was always someone known for chasing a wide-open world of sounds. And now with a pulse on the bass lines in his music and with a varied … [Read more...]

Compilation Benefit album with Calexico, Neko Case, Giant Sand…

Fort Lowell Records has partnered with Music Against Violence for one of the most exciting and rewarding projects of 2011... Luz de Vida: A Compilation to Benefit the Victims of the Tucson Tragedy, scheduled for release: October 18. - Giant Sand "Recovery Mission (Radio … [Read more...]

Arckanum – Helvitismyrkr

Let us get our chaos magic grimoires primed to take a headlong plunge into a completely foreign realm.  Welcome to the world of Sweden’s own Arckanum, with their new album Helvitsmyrkr on Season of Mist Records.  Founder and sole member, Shamaatae, who is also a practicing Chaos-Gnostic and the author of 3 books that range from Chaos-Gnosticism, … [Read more...]

Tawny Ellis – I To You

It's always possible to read more into the music and words of a performer than is actually there. When the first song on an album is also its title track, I always experience a moment of expectation, of the anticipation of a song sequence, of a form of musical storytelling: not quite of a concept album (no-one really makes those anymore), but of a … [Read more...]

Debut Album from Borrowed Beams of Light out now

Borrowed Beams of Light Pull a Stellar Hoax "Half Light": Delivering on the promise of their self titled CD/EP, Charlottesville, VA’s Borrowed Beams of Light drop the needle on summer with their first full length album, Stellar Hoax. While the Voynich Manuscript, a centuries old … [Read more...]

Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know

It’s hard not to feel both twinges of cynical suspicion and mild concern when it comes to Laura Marling's rapidly rising starlet status.  Already shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize twice, signed to a major label with plenty of marketing muscle power and encumbered by gossip-friendly side-stories of past relationships with members of Noah & … [Read more...]

Nevermind Live: A Benefit Show For Susie Tennant at the EMP Museum – Seattle, WA. 9/20/11

September 24, 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind. Their landmark album will see 3 separate deluxe edition re-issues, along with a full concert DVD on September 27th (26th in the UK). To coincide with this epic endeavor, the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA. held a star studded benefit concert for Susie Tennant on … [Read more...]

Album from Cuckoo Chaos out now

Cuckoo Chaos "Jamb Song" video link: Cuckoo Chaos "Jamb Song": September 13th marked the release of Cuckoo Chaos' debut album Woman.  In celebration of the release, Cuckoo Chaos released their brand spankin' new video for "Jamb Song" (link above). Cuckoo Chaos … [Read more...]

P.G. Six – Starry Mind

Direction and a change of scenery can always make for interestingly new facets and focuses. For Pat Gubler’s P.G. Six, taking four years off and beefing up their scenery with an arsenal of veteran musicians has taken on a developing twist to a greater sound. On Starry Mind Gubler re-tools his band with steady musicians that allow Gubler to give in … [Read more...]