The Lovely Eggs – “Don’t Look at Me (I Don’t Like It)” video

The Deviled Eggs… Ooh, er, sorry… The Lovely Eggs serves up a delicious demented dish, I mean, video, off the duo’s album Cob Dominos, which is out on U.K. label Cherryade Records as of January.  Holly and David have a crackin’ good time in the video as Holly sings with in-yer-face enthusiasm. 

The song and video aren’t exactly subtle, but if you want a rough-hewn, sing-along tune with emphatic British vocal inflection and everyday British subjects in the video, then this will be your cup of tea.  Drums are bashed and guitars smashed, no, I mean roiled to a boil in the background as Holly brashly and cheekily sing-exclaims her way through the verses. 

 She shouts even louder on the chorus, bursting out with the lyrics “Don’t look at me / I don’t like it!”  But the viewer can’t help but look at the man with the ‘sausage roll thumb’ (guest participant John Shuttleworth) and Holly and David being a bit kooky, pestering hair salon and laundromat ladies, having a jolly good time on a docked ship, and promoting, in their own way, the town of Morecambe.


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