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The Mountain Goats releases new Video

The Mountain Goats Release Animated Music Video For "Estate Sale Sign" From 'All Eternals Deck' Directed by Brooklyn-based animation team Awesome and Modest, the video was made using mixed media and handmade techniques to craft the eerie landscapes and anthropomorphic creatures at war over a snow globe. Watch “Estate Sale Sign” here: … [Read more...]

A Lull – Confetti Reprise

Too often bands release b-sides and rarities as compilations.  Too often these releases seem like a  desperate attempt by the record label to capitalize on the success of said band.  I typically scoff at this maneuver as I believe  there is a good reason these tracks weren't included on the original albums...they're not worthy.  They didn't make … [Read more...]

The Ridges – s/t EP

Ohio's The Ridges are barely in their twenties, but they have an amazing command of a wide-array of instruments. From cello, to piano, to a glockenspiel, these kids can do it all. Their brooding folk music is both mature and fresh--not lazy or trite folk. Frontman Victor Rasgaitis croons melodically, while Talor Smith weaves her soft voice into a … [Read more...]

New Album and Video from The Nocturnes

The Nocturnes announce new album, premiere video on Consequence of Sound Red Sparowes guitarist leads dark, folky shoegaze band The Nocturnes -- the band led by Red Sparowes guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle -- announce the forthcoming release of their second album, Aokigahara. As a preview, Consequence of Sound has posted the premiere video for the … [Read more...]

Rachel Taylor Brown releases album in September

PITH-ROCK ARTIST, RACHEL TAYLOR BROWN TO RELEASE SEVENTH STUDIO ALBUM, WORLD SO SWEET, NATIONALLY ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2011"Taxidermy" -- Look up "pithy" and "pith." The thesaurus reads: "succinct, concise, compact, to the point, epigrammatic, crisp, significant, meaningful, … [Read more...]

Amos Lee – Live From SoHo

If you don’t consider the music of Dylan protégé and folk-rock aficionado Amos Lee to be your bag, then the odds of his recently released Live From SoHo iTunes album swaying your mindset are minimal.  Sure, the Philly-born songwriter has copped a style that is a sure bet for fans of Zimmy, Neil Young, and James Taylor, but his well-worn roots … [Read more...]

Armand Margjeka – Margo Margo

The style of music that one creates is never the most important aspect, well not necessarily. For many artists, being able to create something daring and stunning while staying true to your roots is very important. This is how we can arrive at an album of hip-hop stylings that is arguably, as good as the smash electronic album. And while many … [Read more...]

Album and single from Tidelands out now

“Marigolds”is the epic eight-minute closing track from the Tidelands debut album “If…” [SOUNDCLOUD]: San Francisco duo Tidelands has just released its debut album If… to critical acclaim and a packed record release show at the band’s hometown venue Café du Nord. In addition to a special guest … [Read more...]

The Jumpin’ Quails – Bishops In Tea Shops

Some bands make it easy on their listeners. They play things if not exactly safe, then a little obviously, staying within boundaries of style and genre that are instantly identifiable to listeners and CD buyers. Other bands take risks, going out of their way to confuse their audience with what are sometimes conflicting signals regarding influences, … [Read more...]

Interview with French of Annie Automatic

Hiya French! How is everything going? Your debut album Don’t Look Down is scheduled for an August 23rd release. What are your musical, and/or other, plans in the meantime? Hi! Yes, August 23rd release, we're extremely excited. Other than waiting patiently, we're rehearsing like crazy for upcoming shows! Always fun. I'm also working on a … [Read more...]