Annie Automatic – “Burn This Prison”

What happens when you cross the post-hardcore sound of Thursday and AFI with Ian Astbury-tinged vocals?  You get the rousing single “Burn This Prison” by Annie Automatic.  Lead singer French formed the 4-member, L.A.-based rock band in 2009 and the debut album Don’t Look Down is slated for an August 23rd release.

Lead-off single “Burn This Prison” starts off with antsy guitar jags, kinetic drumming, and a short verse that leads to a robust, catchy chorus spearheaded by French’s exclaimed vocals.  A defiant energy runs through the track, with lower-gear verses revving up into speedier chorus sections.

There are some interesting elements here, like the aforementioned Thursday-leaning guitar and drum dynamics and dreamier supporting vocal flourishes on the chorus.  French projects a confident demeanor and vocal inflection similar to Ian Astbury and Davey of AFI.  The lyrical content is strong and involving, as French takes on the role of a prisoner who wants to break out and go back to the city and “…the girl I love / She’s all I’ve been dreaming of.”

Listen to “Burn This Prison”

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