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Black Baptista – Thread the Needle

Anyone entrenched in the prog-rock leanings of anomalous guitar player Omar Rodriguez Lopez is also aware that the man is as antsy as he is ingenious.  For more than a decade now, the Mars Volta guitarist has been spinning out album after album of flabbergasting rock and roll, sometimes at a rate so expeditious that the releases themselves become … [Read more...]

Invisible Elephant – Anomie Or Swimming In A Black Sea

The anonymous musician behind Invisible Elephant is creating soundscapes that, at least on paper, owe much to some often quoted influences - Sonic Youth, MBV, Mogwai, and while it's possible to trace other creative debts in the swirling instrumental void that the tracks on Anomie conjure - Cocteau Twins, Eno, Spacemen 3 - the album has a focus and … [Read more...]

FAO#29: Critical Heights (Owen Tromans, Savaging Spires & Diva)

Established by “just three chaps trying to run a label where we would want to collect all the releases ourselves,” Critical Heights is both a boutique label and self-building community enterprise, run from both London and Winchester.  Built - so far - around artists with an acute awareness of their environments, the label has big artistic ambitions … [Read more...]

Q&A with Johnny and Ola of Cock And Swan

Hello Johnny and Ola!  What are the vibes like in your native Washington state and how have things been going? Johnny: We are going back and forth from sunny and gray. Very busy recording with our friends!  I was on tour playing bass with The Curious Mystery, and Ola was in Bothell hanging out with our bunny and learning tenor sax. There’s a … [Read more...]

The Sewing Circle – I Saw Stars

The support of success can definitely be some of the best chance to take. If past experiences have proven triumph then why not follow in the same path. For The Sewing Circle and their poppy rock affair of sounds the expedition of an album that reached a few good words caused them to take quick efforts in creating a follow-up, the dazed I Saw Stars. … [Read more...]

Dream on Dreamer – Heartbound

When I think of the word refreshing a flood of images fly into my head - typically it is people laying in a bath tub full of mint leaves or something of that ilk. It’s the idea that you are rejuvenating yourself or coming into something with new eyes. In essence, it’s a change typically for the better and as I listened to Dream on Dreamers new … [Read more...]

“Space Rock USA Tour” @ Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA

The Sellersville Theater (in Sellersville, PA) has always been one of my favorite venues. Its comfortable seats, classy décor, tasty concessions, and intimate atmosphere always provide a wonderful experience. In addition, Sellersville Theater specializes in booking relatively unique and obscure performances. On Sunday, August 21st, the theater … [Read more...]

Sarah Nixey releases new EP

Following on from the success of her new album Brave Tin Soldiers, Sarah Nixey presents The Homecoming EP. The title track is an emotive tale of loss and yearning, rich in artistry, texture and colours. Reworkings by the magnificent Kids Love, who transforms The Homecoming into a dizzying waltz, and the extraordinary duo Microfilm, creators of a … [Read more...]

The Real Tuesday Weld – The Last Werewolf

The Real Tuesday Weld’s last coupling with author Glen Duncan, for 2003’s innovative I, Lucifer book soundtrack, was undoubtedly a creative marriage made in heaven (as well as being hell-orientated in its conceptual construction of course).  For those of us that fell for the debonair darkness, mischievous misanthropy and elegant eclecticism for I, … [Read more...]

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers EP

While music continues to challenge and divert many artists and bands, it’s never without any due cause. For many, Hudson Mohawke’s  Butter was a resounding success of what electronic music could truly be – explosive, creative, diverse – and for others, it was eighteen songs of way too many ideas. Regardless of what camp you fell into, there was … [Read more...]