The Hypnotist Collectors – “Ohio”

Augustus DeVandry & Roger Poulin of The Hypnotist Collectors

Hailing from West Oakland, California The Hypnotist Collectors bring a smooth country swing with “Ohio”. Track two off of their new album titled, Worn Out Factory. Vocalist/guitarist Augustus DeVandry’s vocal scratch gives this tune an angst that prevails above Dick Dale-esque lead guitar. With harmonica backing a tale of marriage, escape, and love lost, the narrator battles with his future plans to stay, or go. “What’s there left to say, I got nothing left to say, Ohio”.

I had the pleasure of seeing, as well as meeting, The Hypnotist Collectors in San Francisco back in February. They we’re a stand up group both on stage and off. With “Ohio”, what starts as somewhat of a quiet, mellow tune, soon turns into an outburst nearing the end of the song. DeVandry’s delivery screams as he’s joined by Brian Fernald on bass, Eddie Lang on drums, and Roger Poulin on lead guitar.

The Hypnotists Collectors create a punchy mix of country, and psychedelic blues that make “Ohio”, as well as Worn Out Factory, an album that keeps the listener guessing. With one spin, clear influences start to emerge from the likes of Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Gram Parsons. While encompassing such a wide array of musical styles without stepping too far over the line, The Hypnotist Collectors have released a 10 song album filled with all the highs and lows we experience in every day life. A group of songs that is so relatable, it’s impossible to turn away.

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