Robotanists – “On/Off The Ledge” video


L.A.-based Robotanists finds out how much fun and destruction can be had at a rooftop party in the Tom Kenney-directed video for “On/Off The Ledge” from the band’s recent album Plans In Progress.

The video commences with a shot that scales up a brownstone to find lead singer Sarah Ellquist perched on the roof’s ledge with one of her shoes having just slipped off and dropped below.  The band members, a bunch of friends, and random folks hang out behind her, red cups in hand and roasted weenies to be had.



Strange things start to happen, like the BBQ grill bursting into slo-mo flame and “funny” games like ‘Toss-The-Ax’ at a blindfolded band-mate.  Robotanists, the DJ, and guests, some donned in animal masks and fake mustaches, remain unfazed, continuing to casually converse amid the chaos.



The surreal party scene seeps into the interspersed close-ups of Sarah’s face, which slowly detaches into pieces to reveal her skull as she sings.  The natural laws of space and time are suspended as another band member faces himself and blows out a pink gum bubble, engulfing his double.  As the liquor flows, cigs are smoked, balloons float, and a couple kisses close, Sarah takes a photo of the band that includes her double – and then the other shoe drops, so to speak, as the song title foretold…



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