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New Album out from Company

Company "Holy City" - Ltd Edition LP (300) / Digital A series of serendipitous events allows Exit Stencil to excitedly present you with “Holy City” --- the first full-length album from Charleston, South Carolina’s Company.  While the full telling of the story would run many pages, for brevity’s sake, here is the CliffsNotes version:  Catholic … [Read more...]

Washed Out – Within and Without

If you attempt to parse together chillwave’s patchwork history, it was probably born about 30 years ago but then laid dormant until 2009 when three artists named Chaz Bundick, Alan Palomo, and Ernest Greene began to make waves in the blogging community with their smeary bedroom synth-pop. The summer of 2010 was the newly christened style’s moment … [Read more...]

The Whatmans – Fire Up the Masses

One thing that doesn't get talked about much these days is a great argument starter: Who's the biggest band in the world right now? In the past twenty years, there have probably been 30 bands that at one point in time could say that they were the biggest band in the world. Although, since the anti-big movement of the 90's, not many bands have … [Read more...]

Something Beginning With L – Beautiful Ground

A trio based in South London, Something Begining With L compose resonant, delicately structured songs that are built around a combination of electronics, stringed instruments and some loud guitars, all of this overlaid with Lucy Parnell and Jen Macro's vocal harmonies. These aren't songs of the fast/slow loud/quiet type, Something Beginning With L … [Read more...]

Emily Howard – s/t EP

I reviewed the debut EP from this talented singer/songwriter only a couple of months ago, or so it seems; praising it for the immaculate blending of pop and rock that seemed almost far too accomplished for someone only just releasing her first material. And now Howard is back with a new three-track EP, which is a mellower, more romantic offering … [Read more...]

Album from The Young Presidents out now

The Young Presidents first studio album, Freedom of Speech, dropped June 14, 2011 on MKM Records/KMG Music. The album was produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, The Hold Steady) and features the hit single “Wide Open.” The Young Presidents will hit the road for a summer tour that kicks off in Wilmington, DE on July 27, 2011. The Young Presidents … [Read more...]

Alkaline Trio – Damnesia

When an artist releases a "Best Of", or in this case re-records songs from their repertoire, certain questions arise. One being the obvious, "why?". In this case, that question remains unanswered. As exciting as it might of been to hear of the release of Damnesia, all hopes of a solid re-do of some classic Trio songs quickly fall by the wayside … [Read more...]

Sole and the Skyrider Band – Hello Cruel World

There shouldn’t be much confusion in realizing the ever-developing role of hip-hop music. Many have turned it into an alternative new world where guest artists, samples and desire come together for a blissful, motivating presentation. As Sole, Tim Holland has continued to use these aspects in being the chief proponent to his band’s driving music. … [Read more...]

Einvera – In Your Image

A band that merges genres and still cannot be classified is always intriguing and often fun. The resulting sound usually doesn't matter as they invariably have, whether by instinct or design, created music that makes one think and feel something.  Los Angeles-based Einvera are one prime example, their fusion of black and death metal with melodic, … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 Single

Afternoon Naps – Summer Gang 7” Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records The two cuts off the new 7” from Afternoon Naps have a gentle, sweet innocence to them, in sonics, vocals, and subject matter.  Placidly wistful vocals of the male variety are accompanied occasionally by light female harmonies amid jangle-pop guitars and … [Read more...]