New EP collection from My Violent Ego

My Violent Ego releases EPs collection

My Violent Ego – One day you’ll laugh at the sad saga that was (2011 – White Birch / Handwriting / Sometimes rec)

Download: “Come on, sleep”:



Fully remastered, “One day you’ll laugh at the sad saga that Was” features a 22-track selection of songs from MVE’s EPs produced before and after the “Carried-Along-By-Fate” full-length album, released via the French label Ocean-Music in 2003.

My Violent Ego features Paolo Miceli (also from Sea Dweller) and vocalist Christy Brewster (both have guested on Giardini di Miro recordings in the past), and is most definitely for fans of Cocteau Twins, An April March, Slowdive and dreampop/shoegaze music in general.

Digipack packaging with 8-page booklet. Limited to 500 copies, available through (World), Tonevendor (USA) and Norman records (UK).

..washed out effects drenched shimmer, dreamy abstract pop drift, and hushed ethereal pop ambience. 4AD loosed from its more traditional song like structures, the sounds allowed to float freely, blurred clouds of tangled melody, hushed angelic voices, looped melodic mesmer stretched into dreamy droned out drifts of ephemeral dreampop” – Aquarius records,