New Album from Annie Crane

Annie Crane’s new “Jump With A Child’s Heart” brings NYC edge to traditional Americana sounds.

Singer blends ‘60’s folk and Celtic influences with rock & pop on album about making dreams come true “Without giving time effort, time will owe you nothing.” Annie Crane is speaking to the many talents that arrive in New York City each year to pursue their dreams. “Do it without complaint, to do it honestly and with the purity of a child’s heart,” she says, relating the theme of her new record, Jump With A Child’s Heart available October 4th.

Classically trained in her hometown of Rochester, New York at the Eastman School of Music, Crane knows of which she speaks, arriving in New York herself in 2006 where she persisted and stayed. It was at the famed Sidewalk Cafe that Crane began to climb the ladder.“I started hitting open mics and by the end of the year I was attending the Sidewalk’s ‘Anti-Hoot’ every Monday night for about a year. It was there that I gained recognition and support.”

Crane’s blend of folk, Americana and traditional Celtic sounds transport listeners to worldly locales while retaining an urban edge that is the unmistakable influence of her adopted city. Her mythical songs weave together classic 60’s folk, indie pop and rock, traditional Irish music and Americana influences to arrive at a unique sound that is confident and all her own.

Reminding of legends such as Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell and Gillian Welch, Crane has reached far and wide with her music with live performances logged from Copenhagen to Kentucky and from Berlin to Albany. In Paris, Crane was recognized as “one of the most pure talents from the real New York scene” and in Nashville she shared the stage with one of her icons, Emmylou Harris.