The Bengsons – “One Flies Away”

The Bengsons - "One Flies Away"

The Bengsons are husband and wife Abigail & Shaun Bengson. “One Flies Away” is track 13 off of their newest release, The Proof. With birds chirping behind a delicate echoed acoustic accompaniment, Abigail Bengson’s sweet and gentle voice immediately brings your brow to a squint. Shaun joins soon after and the track takes on a mellow hush.

Even when describing simple household tasks, “fold the linens, sweep the floors, switch the night light, back the door”, Abigail’s cascading vocal delivery brings about the imagery above duty and beyond loss. “One of them will be gone away, hold tight the others, one of them gone away, praise the others”.

She takes a deep breath and we can hear that they’re both giving us so much more than just another song on some random album. The latter encapsulates the overall beauty of this song.


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