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New album from Sons And Daughters in June

Breaking Fun unveils darker themes and sparse sonics of Mirror, Mirror, the follow up to 2008’s This Gift and a very different beast to its predecessor. Produced by long time friend and fellow Glaswegian JD Twitch of Optimo, Mirror Mirror sees Sons And Daughters return to their earlier works, stripping back their sound, abandoning some of their … [Read more...]

The Head and The Heart – s/t

Like many who have discovered the Pacific Northwest's The Head and the Heart, I came by the band via their song "Rivers and Roads". It's such a beautiful slice of modern folk balladry that one can't help but take notice. The band's name has spread like wildfire as their self-released debut lit a flame in the Seattle area. Enter Sub Pop and a … [Read more...]

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

One does not exactly sit and listen to Anaal Nathrakh but rather allows a complete and thorough violation upon the senses. The band's aural assault is all consuming and blatantly violent. The group from Birmingham, UK bring their own brand of black and death metal, with infusions of many other genres such as grindcore and industrial, stripping it … [Read more...]

Crystal Swells release new cassette

Crystal Swells - Noisy, Weird and Oh So Good "Patent Trolls": Picture a beautiful beach on a sunny day. Think of all the families, pets, children, joy, happiness and normality intertwining on those sandy recesses. Now imagine this saccharine boredom getting swamped by a … [Read more...]

The Rosebuds – Loud Planes Fly Low

The marital fiascos and domestic entanglements of our society’s celebrities have always made ideal fodder for primetime news programs and weekly periodicals; in the well lit studios of 20/20 and on the glossy pages of People magazine, romantic failures tend to take on a surreal aura, where camp and melodrama keep us endlessly entertained but mask … [Read more...]

Wild Beasts – Smother

The defining method many use on a band’s catalog is always one that can hold great distinction. For England-based Wild Beasts, they’ve confidently ensured that while their discography is still young, at now three albums rich, it has carried an identity of its own with albums that shine with magnificent melodies and instrumentation. After 2008’s … [Read more...]

Album release in June for Eilen Jewell

Eilen Jewell Creates Indelible Noir-ish Pulp Fiction, Proves Ready For Crown With 'Queen of the Minor Key' Out 6/28 “If Neko Case, Madeleine Peyroux and Billie Holiday had a baby girl who grew up to front a rockabilly band, she'd probably sound a lot like Eilen Jewell.” -Washington Post On new album ‘Queen of the Minor Key,’ Eilen Jewell and … [Read more...]

Sourvein – Black Fang

Armed with the unrelenting, oppressive blanket of sound sludge/doom metalers Sourvein are known for, comes a new release dripping in uncompromising and punishing noise. Spanning ten pulsating and scathing slabs of metal, Black Fang is an all consuming hungry beast that is sure to delight existing fans of the band and other followers of the darker … [Read more...]

Junior Boys – It’s All True

After the release of their much-maligned, much-overlooked 2009 album, Begone Dull Care, Junior Boys’ main singer, Jeremy Greenspan, took two months off in China. The brief stay awarded him and other member Matt Didemus time to simply disconnect from the intense mirage of life by ways of a cultural clash. While the move certainly drew inspiration on … [Read more...]

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

First and foremost let me begin by saying that I am only a casual listener of Anaal Nathrakh, because I would question the sanity of anyone who would sit around and listen to this band constantly; but far be it from me to judge a person by musical taste.  That being said, Passion is the audio equivalent of hell being unleashed with its unrelenting … [Read more...]