Keren Ann – “My Name Is Trouble” video

International singer-songwriter Keren Ann has released a video for “My Name Is Trouble”, a song off her latest acclaimed album titled 101.  In the video Keren Ann austerely vogues to a light dance-pop beat, surrounded by a bevy of ethnically diverse, but expressionless male beauties, vaguely referencing Madonna’s seminal “Vogue” video.

The cool-tone video is comprised of quick-cut shots of Keren Ann and the dancers, focusing on their dance moves and close-ups of Keren Ann’s impassive regard.  The stark color scheme is composed of a saturated black background with Keren Ann at the fore, vamping it up with a not-quite-flattering, glossy black, mushroom cap haircut and luminously dark eyes that are richly defined with eyeliner and smoky eye shadow.   Her lips are red and pursed circa 1930s starlet style, but her black dress has the stylized structure of Balenciaga couture with highly-jutting cap sleeves and sharp slits at the armpits.

The dancers are attired in slim, black trousers and pullovers with white collars, posing and tutting, occasionally with Keren Ann, to the beat as the camera creates a rapid, but languid visual flow.  By the end of the video, one could almost expect Madonna to pop up among the young men, dressed as a High Priestess of Dance.

The up-tempo pop beat of the song is contrasted with Keren Ann’s soft, wistful vocals.  Her vocal delivery is delicate and airy, like a soufflé, but also a bit pensive and melancholic, as she supplely sighs the lyrics in a willowy whisper, “My name is trouble / My first name’s a mess… / I’m here to confess…”, with heart displayed on sleeve.  Yet as far as the video goes, Keren Ann betrays little emotion until its very end, when she allows for one satisfied, quicksilver smile.

Official Video: