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Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See

There was a time where practically everything Arctic Monkeys did was seen as something both shocking and instantly titillating – in terms of their hype and exposure. Some credit them as proof of what internet hype can conjure, their first cover was a controversial discussion simply due to its smoking image and some questioned their motives in … [Read more...]

New Album from Stranded Horse

The current release on Talitres Records is the new full-length of a STRANDED HORSE (formerly Encre & Thee, Stranded Horse) titled "Humbling Tides". "Humbling Tides" continue along the path embarked upon with "Churning Strides" (2007), effecting sublte but significant changes to a musical formula … [Read more...]

Fucked Up – David Comes to Life

"Sun rises above the factory but the rays don't make it to the street. Through the gates come the employees, beaten down and dragging their feet. A group of lefties hand out pamphlets to the workers coming in. For two people on the pavement life will never be the same again." And so begins this epic rock musical yarn from the gargantuan … [Read more...]

Digital reissue of Old Toy Trains debut album

Los Angeles, CA - L.A. based quintet OLD TOY TRAINS joins the Planting Seeds Collective, with the long overdue digital release of their introspective/daydreamy debut: "Electric Railway". The band originally released the EP on limited edition CD in 2010 via ace indie label MIND EXPANSION. The digital EP was on May 24th and will contain "Crow's … [Read more...]

Qluster – Fragen

It’s hard to think of many musicians with a 40+ year career sustaining inspirational creativity whilst retaining much of their original modus operandi, but Hans-Joachim Roedelius is certainly one of those gifted few. A genuine grandee amongst Germany’s pioneering and close-knit experimental musical community since the late-‘60s, the septuagenarian … [Read more...]

Manzana Carnal – Perfectly Flawed (and other lies)

Utilising a near bewildering array of influences and producing a seamless musical result isn't always so easy, but Manzana Carnal are definitely making it sound that way. The New York quintet are combining freeform jazz improv, electronica, full-on punk energy and an elusive otherness is what these particular results are. Recorded live, Perfectly … [Read more...]

New EP from Crooks out now

Free mp3 for "Downtown" from the EP.  Download it here: Crooks are an Austin four-piece consisting of frontman Josh Mazour, drummer Rob Bacak, stand-up bassist Andrew VanVoorhees, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Albert, who alternates between guitar, banjo, mandolin, and trumpet. The band just … [Read more...]

My Morning Jacket – Circuital

Like a set of connections, My Morning Jacket has always been able to piece their albums together around a basis of solid strengths. Besides being a band that has come and gone through Southern rock and a folk standby, their eclectic breed of styles has introduced gnarly smashers (“Off the Record”) and flourishing breaths of fresh air (“The Way That … [Read more...]

JEFF the Brotherhood- We Are the Champions

Take one part good Weezer, one part Wavves, one part Nirvana and you might get the picture on what JEFF the Brotherhood is like. A high-octane garage rock duo from Nashville, Jake and Jamin Orrall are a lot of damn fun. Jake has a bit of Rivers Cuomo in his vocals, both in voice and melodic style. Hooks are what will win you over with JEFF--Jake is … [Read more...]

Tyler The Creator-Goblin

Goblin has been out for more than a month now and I feel as though this wonderful website needs something a little different to mix it up a bit, so here it goes. Goblin is going to freak you out plain and simple. There is enough creepy imagery here to make David Lynch want to call a psychiatrist for this kid. Speaking of psychiatrist, this is the … [Read more...]