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Neur – Untitled EP

In this industry you run into music you would normally never have discovered or even looked into on your own, so it’s not uncommon to be pleasantly surprised by a unique indie band every so often. However, pleasantly surprised is an altogether different feeling from what I have right now. To be as unbiased as possible, Neur excites the hell out of … [Read more...]

Whirl – Distressor

Taken literally, the idea of a wall of sound has always been a misnomer. Walls don't move, but sound and music always do. Walls are barriers, while "wall of sound" music is immersive and inclusive. Taken literally, it seems a wall of sound would be the antithesis of music. Even with dubious descriptive accuracy, wall of sound is still the most … [Read more...]

Bing Ji Ling – Shadow to Shine

Shadow to Shine, the newest record by funk/soul/pop musician Bing Ji Ling, is an extremely enjoyable and impressive work. Full of lush music, catchy melodies, inspiring singing, and a fun vibe, it’s consistently varied and entertaining; in fact, it’s an album you could almost never get tired of. Bing Ji Ling is the nom de plume of NYC-based … [Read more...]

The Tunnel releases new album

If your favorite drinking songs are fierce and darkly romantic ragged tales of lust and loss but you’ve already played all your Birthday Party, 16 Horsepower, and Swans records to death Fathoms Deep will be your new favored drinking music. Fathoms Deep is the second album from San Francisco trio The Tunnel. The album was recorded at Studio SQ … [Read more...]

Dag För Dag – Boo

Tagged as something ‘American-Swedish’, brother-sister duo Dag För Dag is probably well aware of the misconceptions their brand of music receives. For Sarah Snavely and brother Jacob the music is a firm representation of their swirling time together and, with their debut album Boo, the music is a solid documentation. Although the music is … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”

Ever since the spring 2010 release of their superb debut album (Dust Windows), Boston-based Kingsley Flood has been reaping the benefits of a rekindled nationwide interest in Americana music.  Bands like the Low Anthem and the Felice Brothers have been stoutheartedly composing roots-flavored songs for a few years now, but thanks in large part to … [Read more...]

SuidAkrA – Book Of Dowth

Nine albums in 14 years is no mean feat by anyone’s standards, especially when strong consistency has lined every release as well as being some of the best folk metal heard. Now the creators SuidAkrA have set loose their tenth and arguably best album Book Of Dowth. Since their formation in 1994 the German Celt Metallers have delivered some great … [Read more...]


Yes, the name looks absurd. That’s because this is a soundtrack to the theatre of the absurd.  The calculated cacophony of Oakland songstress and producer Merill Garbus is some of the most oddly attractive yet puzzling music I’ve heard recently.  No wave / post-punk / indie / dance pop that Laurie Anderson and the ghost of John Cage would … [Read more...]

Lohio – Family Tree EP

No they’re not from Ohio, as their name might imply, they’re from Pittsburgh. And this quartet play a surprisingly upbeat blend of folk-pop and indie-rock. Lohio use a diverse mix of instruments (guitar, bass, piano, drums, organ, mandolin, bells, trumpet, piccolo, accordion, clarinet and french horn) to create a sunny, sing-along pop sound. … [Read more...]

Helado Negro – Canta Lechuza

For musician Roberto Carlos Lange, music has now taken many different forms. Also combining music as Epstein, Lange has now delved back into Helado Negro’s nervy, worldly touch. On Canta Lechuza – which directly translates to ‘sing owl’ – Lange fuses the sounds that he grew up with, along the support of electronic beats and synth rhythms. Often … [Read more...]