Neur – Untitled EP

Neur - Untitled EP

In this industry you run into music you would normally never have discovered or even looked into on your own, so it’s not uncommon to be pleasantly surprised by a unique indie band every so often. However, pleasantly surprised is an altogether different feeling from what I have right now. To be as unbiased as possible, Neur excites the hell out of me and this is definitely a band to look out for.

The sound that will soon emanate from your speakers is something I was not prepared for, and by proxy I think you will also be bemused or amused – either way this will leave a lasting impression.  Sorry to sound so self assured but this EP manages to take parts from some of my favorite bands and meld them into something that stands as a unique thing on its own.  Untitled ends up sounding like bits of Circa Survive, Emarosa, The Mars Volta and Monster Machismo. You have the ambient instrumentation coupled with some elements of progressive and math rock with a unique soulful croon. All of these elements combined left me nothing short of impressed with this band’s potential and talent. Lyrically, the band is succinct and strange. Each of the six songs on Untitled has maybe a paragraph of lyrics. However, this weirdness is to be expected and the lyrics aren’t merely accentuating the track – it’s merely left up to us to explore the themes throughout. The music feels like it begs the listener to explore with it the heights of sound.

“Golden Thimble” is a heavy and heavenly vocal driven track, which balances the sense of urgency and tranquility in the right places. The next song, “Start Saving” has a more Post/Math sound to it, as the vocalist says a few words and lets the rest of the band showcase their skills.  “There is No Captain” has a Surf/Ska vibe going for it and it still manages to fit in with the rest of the songs somehow. “Neur Saves Time” is a number after the Dillinger escape plan’s own heart as it travels from Math Rock to Math Core intensity, relaxing just before it blasts your eardrums to the ceiling. “Zebrah” is my favorite track on the album next to “Golden Thimble”. It’s a more subdued effort that comes off sounding moody and affecting, but builds into a faster more urgent song all together.  Lastly, “Warrior” is a song not unlike the previous one in that it goes from up to down, rising and falling as it so chooses.

Neur manages to accomplish more in a six song EP that many artists can’t do on a full length, which is to capture your attention for the entire duration of the album. The other refreshing thing about these guys is that the music is ambitious but never overblown. What I mean by that is the music is aptly timed and never overstays its welcome. My overall impression is that the music on Untitled is challenging, in that you never quite know what to expect from each track, yet accessible because no matter your taste in music you are sure to find something you like as these guys pull from so many sources.  If this band lives up to any of the potential that it has on display here they will be a force to be reckoned with.