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Cass McCombs – WIT’S END

If you've been following Cass McCombs for awhile, you know that his albums have slowly become less loud, less showy, more intimate, and more refined. Though PREfection and Dropping the Writ both were finely executed and enjoyable albums in their own right, his last album Catacombs felt like a triumph in artistry, the sound of a musician stripping … [Read more...]

Bodyfarm – Bodyfarm

Dutch band Bodyfarm was formed in 2009 by friends wanting to play death metal as it should sound and how they enjoy it, too. Their debut self titled EP is the proof of that aim and its success, a 4 track blast that is pure death metal without frills and spills. A conversation between drummer Quint Meerbeek and guitarist/vocalist Thomas Wouters on a … [Read more...]

Album from Amanda Shires in May

DAYTROTTER POSTS EXCLUSIVE SESSION WITH AMANDA SHIRES Nashville-based singer/songwriter/fiddler Amanda Shires recently stopped by Daytrotter to preview her new album Carrying Lightning (5/3, Silver Knife Records). Check out the session and hear why critics are comparing her to Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, and Dolly Parton: … [Read more...]

Prefuse 73 – The Only She Chapters

On 2009’s Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, Prefuse 73’s Guillermo Scott-Herren spanned 29 earthy tracks to deliver one of the freshest sounding electronic albums of that year. Songs like “No Lights Still Rock” bounced with splashing energy and playful tones that highlighted a banner year for the music producer/musician. The sounds he created … [Read more...]

Gray Young – Staysail

Okay, so sprawling and epic get thrown around quite a bit especially when we are talking about ambient/post rock albums. So, let's try something different because this record is a little bit different, especially when it comes to what we generally expect from this type of music. The artists are Gray Young and the album is Staysail, an  apropos … [Read more...]

EP out now from Therapies Son

Therapies Son releases debut EP of bedroom pop heartache Therapies Son quickly won fans last fall when his humbly self-recorded demo of shimmering pop surfaced, catching the ears of some elite press and becoming something of an Internet sensation. Therapies Son is the nom de tune of 19-year-old Van Nuys, CA songwriter Alex Jacob. Heartbreak … [Read more...]

Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Telesterion

With a solo catalog that spans not even 10 years yet boasts more than a dozen (and counting) albums of original material, it seemed sort of inevitable that songwriter and guitar demigod Omar Rodriguez Lopez would try his hand at tidying up more than 150 tracks worth of volatile experimental rock and whittling them down to a judicious collection of … [Read more...]

Thraw – Encephalic Oppressions EP

I think it is safe to say metal music is popular in Slavic countries with thrash especially favoured and produced in abundance and with quality. Slovenian band Thraw are one of those bands keeping thrash alive and driving it onwards worldwide with their Bay Area style attack. Thrash is still everywhere in various guises and interpretations with … [Read more...]

Sleepy Vikings tour dates Tampa, Florida’s Sleepy Vikings has announced two weeks of tour dates (with more to come) in support of its upcoming debut album They Will Find You Here, scheduled for release on May 10th via the New Granada record label. “Calm,” the first single from They Will … [Read more...]

Julie Christmas – The Bad Wife

Julie Christmas, of the Brooklyn-based band Made Out Of Babies (and formerly of Battle Of Mice), released her debut solo album on Rising Pulse Records this past autumn.  Although Julie’s raw and riveting vocals and emotions are at the forefront of The Bad Wife, the creation of the album was a team effort, with Julie gathering the talents of John La … [Read more...]