Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy – “Close” video

Steve Kilbey of The Church and Martin Kennedy of All India Radio have collaborated again on a captivating second album titled White Magic which is out now.  The multi-talented Martin has created an illustration ‘n’ animation video for the song “Close” where he depicts Steve serenely riding a horse (that sports a near-continuously bemused smile) under a molten-colored sky and through a parched desert littered with animal skulls.  An occasional rock formation juts out of the dirt and a mysteriously smiling Martin hides behind one such outcropping.

“Close” features brushed drums and cymbal shimmer that mingle and dissolve like mist under the blazing sun.  An unhurried beat, sparse, Western guitar reverb, acoustic guitar strum, and muted keyboards crop up like sagebrush, punctuating the assuredly foreboding tone of the song.  Steve delivers the stark, laconic lyrics of “I hide in the dark…” and “I’m close… / getting closer…” in a sinuous, insinuating sing-talking hush.  Does Steve want a love connection or some other type of pleasant interaction?  No.  The cold, hard fact is that he doesn’t want any of those distractions.  He’s “…gonna need revenge…”

The video doesn’t match the covertly sinister vibe of the song and lyrics, but it is a droll lark.  There’s a mid-section montage that mildly recalls the surreal scenes of Spongebob Squarepants with its merging kaleidoscopic effects and when Steve intones “I reach for my gun…”, the horse’s smile droops into a comically anxious expression.  The amusing ending sequence has Steve, Martin, and yes, the horse too, lined up and kicking their legs side to side, which harks back to a hilarious Monty Python’s Flying Circus “between sketches” segment where Terry Gilliam has drawn a row of serious soldiers that he animates so that their legs all twirl around in logic-defying directions.

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