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New 7″ release from Supercluster

March 29, 2011 release is planned for a new 7 inch, 45 RPM single "Paris Effect"/"Neat in the Street". It will be available during Supercluster's tour in March, and also will be available for order by independent record stores in the Secretly Canadian and ADA catalogs. Both songs can be streamed from Supercluster's website. Cloud … [Read more...]

Obits – Moody, Standard, and Poor

When it comes to crafting succinct blasts of scrappy, blues-driven rock 'n’ roll, there are few bands right now doing it with more spry spunkiness than Brooklyn’s Obits. With the musical economy of Spoon but the wiry performance practice of, say, The Strokes or The Walkmen, Obits fuses unrelenting grooves and urgent tempos with careening stabs of … [Read more...]

Natalie Beridze/TBA – Forgetfulness

Natalie Beridze goes by TBA, which gives her songwriting persona a sense of shadowy mystique. Her music is similarly intangible, embracing the darkened electronic miasma that takes credence from both Broadcast and Nine Inch Nails. On Forgetfulness Beridze’s cusped voice hoverins over the queasy blips and gut-pounding bass, squelching out peculiar, … [Read more...]

Wino – Adrift

After years of churning out some of the heaviest, doom-laden, riff-heavy rock with St. Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, et al., Scott "Wino" Weinrich has finally unleashed his first truly solo effort, Adrift. No drums, no bass. Just Wino, his voice, and often multi-tracked acoustic guitar; with some of Wino's trademark lead work on an electric … [Read more...]

Tera Melos – Zoo Weather EP

Zoo Weather is the latest release from the Sacramento trio Tera Melos, and it is for the most part an EP that relies on your preconceptions of what it is that Tera Melos does. In many ways that previous statement is a compliment but in other ways, well, some might be disappointed with this latest effort. You may have already figured out that … [Read more...]

Josh T. Pearson – “Woman When I’ve Raised Hell”

Every once in a while the musical world is blessed with an artist like Josh T. Pearson. First there was Nick Drake, then Elliott Smith, and more recently Bon Iver. Ten years after Pearson's group Lift To Experience disbanded his whispery, forlorn beauty returns with Last Of The Country Gentlemen, set for release in the US on March 29th. Track three … [Read more...]

Tour dates and new album from Liam Finn

LIAM FINN CONFIRMS JAM-PACKED tour SCHEDULE INCLUDING BROOKLYN'S BELL HOUSE APRIL 9 With his first new album in three years due out this spring, Finn spent much of the past year working on the follow-up to 'I'll Be Lightning,' called "a remarkable solo debut album of bittersweet indie pop" by SPIN. Stay tuned for more details on the new album … [Read more...]

RYAT – Avant Gold

Philadelphia has a storied past, but in terms of pop culture, the most frequently visited topics are probably Rocky, The Fresh Prince, and those irresistible hoagies.  If Christina McGeehan – a.k.a. Christina Ryat, a.k.a. Ryat - has a say in the matter though, you might also add electropop to the City of Brotherly Love’s accolades.  Were you to … [Read more...]

The Strokes – Angles

Whatever happened to the likely lads from the beginning of the century?  After the muddled, heavy rock of their last album, First Impressions of Earth, could we even have expected a fourth album from New York's coolest band?  Five years later with a myriad of  solo projects, marriages, kids, drugs, and general loathing of each other, The Strokes … [Read more...]

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy – “Close” video

Steve Kilbey of The Church and Martin Kennedy of All India Radio have collaborated again on a captivating second album titled White Magic which is out now.  The multi-talented Martin has created an illustration ‘n’ animation video for the song “Close” where he depicts Steve serenely riding a horse (that sports a near-continuously bemused smile) … [Read more...]