Dom – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP

Dom - Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP

The four members of Dom use only their first names to help dodge past debts, but don’t let their scruffy looks and slacker attitudes fool you into thinking they play ragged garage-rock. In fact this quartet from Worcester, Massachusetts burst onto the scene with a homespun blend of 80’s synth-rock and hazy dream-pop with a dash of sassy surf-punk spirit.

To help provide wider distribution of their unique brand of music, Astralwerks has re-mixed and re-mastered their 7-song EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, while keeping the original DIY essence intact. Each track is constructed around a 4 or 5-note whimsical and buzzy synth motif on top of some punchy percussive beats with layers of fuzzy dream-pop percolating throughout.

The offbeat lyrics are sometimes hard to decipher since the vocals are shrouded in a bevy of effects including echo, fuzz and reverb, but they compliment the hooky synth lines and snappy beats, transforming the bedroom musical experiments into quirky and catchy oddball pop nuggets.

Some tracks (“Jesus”, “Living In America” and “Bochicha”) are more immediate with short, simple, solid and catchy synth-rock and fuzzy, playful guitar chords that give the music a certain upbeat, surfy-psych, indie-rock charm. Others employ similar tactics but don’t swirl the acid-bubblegum with quite enough flavor and end up wallowing in surreal dream-pop territory without much direction. Overall though, this is quite a solid and fun debut EP.