Cruachan – “The Column”

Cruachan - Blood On The Black Robe

Here we have another addition to the many other Viking/Pagan bands invading the Metal scene. Along side the likes of Alestorm and Skyforger, Cruachan look as though they’re fresh from the front line of battle alongside William Wallace. Hailing from Ireland and dubbed “Celtic Folk Metal” by Metal Storm.Net, Blood On The Black Robe is their sixth release since 1995. War themed and tribal in it’s backing, “The Column” is a 7 minute ode to battle, Irish pride, and a call to arms. Amazingly heavy and straight forward, “The Column” is simple, cathartic, and perhaps an unconscious Melvins tribute, circa 1985. Choral timpani drums elevate the song mid-way and lead us into our imagination, which with “The Column” can only be that of a waging war. “Blood, blood, spill our Irish blood, of freedom we fight”. The sense of pride is overwhelming and we can do nothing but follow the brave onto the field of battle. Lead by Cruachan I’d proudly die with, and for my Irish brothers, and that is the true essence captured in this track.

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