Alexi Murdoch – “Towards The Sun”

Alexi Murdoch - "Towards The Sun"

Alexi Murdoch’s music is always overwhelmingly beautiful. He possesses some unknown, otherworldly ability to harness every human emotion in a song, at the same time channeling the late great Nick Drake. This holds true with the title track off of Towards The Sun, set for release on March 8th. Picture it, it’s 1970 and you’re slowly rubbing your hand over the embossed cover of Bryter Layter as you’re whimsically transported above the trees and surrounded by beauty. In 2011, Murdoch and his wispy baritone shed a new light and pull at your heartstrings. Fluttering in wonderment, a backing track filled with a mournful string arrangement and piano, “Towards The Sun” is sure to make anyone who hears it weep with absolute pleasure knowing that Murdoch is out there, making music so full of meaning and heart.

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