The Caribbean – Discontinued Perfume

The Caribbean - Discontinued Perfume

The Caribbean is a Washington D.C. trio consisting of Michael Kentoff, Matthew Byars and Dave Jones that play a peculiar brand of understated rock that must be listened to closely in order to hear all of the eccentric stylings and musings.

Unfortunately, the unrefined and often out of tune vocals create an obstacle that is nearly impossible to overcome and constitutes a feature that stands out like a sore thumb. But underneath is a sometimes complex and pleasantly breezy blend of music. A subtle mix of melancholic dream-pop and anomalous indie-rock with various musical elements added for depth and texture.

At times muted with atmospherics, the woozy indie-rock is colored with an array of earthy accents. Sometimes some bright instrumental flourishes are added to the warm and fuzzy melodies to give the songs some juice, tempting the listener with subtle nuances and cool mood swings. But the craggy vocals hinder any enjoyment the music may bring and form a barrier nearly impossible to break through.

And even if you do, repeated plays will expose the irregular songwriting that recasts the eccentricities as reserved tunes with inadequate dynamics and lack of an edge. Ultimately, the hushed tones of the contemplative indie-twee The Caribbean weave on Discontinued Perfume is moderately pleasing yet unspectacular.