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Demonic Resurrection – The Return to Darkness

Hailing from India, of all places, this band has been around the block for quite some time. They’ve been writing about ‘darkness’ for equally as long, this release being the 3rd, and last, in the written series. Demonic Resurrection plays symphonic black metal in the vein of Limbonic Art. The album has an excellent production and awesome cover … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Four Albums

Blood Red Shoes - Fire Like This V2 Brighton, England-based Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter returned last year with their sophomore album Fire Like This and it burns with a cool, blue-flame intensity (as depicted by the album’s cover art) compared to the red-hot wildfire of the band’s debut, Box of … [Read more...]

Arbouretum – The Gathering

Writing about the self or from the self in one way or the other is the point of reference for a majority of song-based rock music. This usually brings to mind songs filled with first-person reflections on attitudes, motivations, social relations, needs, desires, and emotions. Though the language and themes inevitably are simple and repetitious, … [Read more...]

Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

Stripping away the superfluous excesses of music, (overly busy drums, bass work that never finds a solid groove, guitar licks just overburdened with too many notes), leaves one with the bare bones, a skeletal framework if you will, in which there is ample space to explore tone, harmonic textures and slowly expressed melodic forms. This is something … [Read more...]

Emily Howard – Wind Me Up EP

Emily Howard is a St Louis based singer/songwriter. This is her debut EP, which has already seen her gaining a lot of critical acclaim. The video for opener “Love Sleeps” attracted 2000 hits in 24 hours on Youtube (see below). No small accolade for an artist who seems to have appeared out of nowhere; so what’s all the fuss about? Well, Wind Me Up … [Read more...]

Debut album from Melanie Penn

Melanie Penn, a New York based singer/songwriter (and award winning theatre actress) has a history as rich and lush as her voice and the songs she writes. The songs on Love are tiny marvels, full of unlikely arrangements and surprising melodic twists -- a record that marries the tenderness of The Innocence Mission and The Sundays with the … [Read more...]

Toro Y Moi – Underneath the Pine

In the early parts of 2010, Toro Y Moi’s Chazwick Bundick highlighted the chillwave movement with his stellar debut, Causers of This. After a strong summer progression in 2009, the South Carolina-born graphic designer was able to amass the many proponents of chillwave onto a stunning set of music. Subtle and subdued, songs like “You Hid” were … [Read more...]

Horned Almighty – Necro Spirituals

Although I was not familiar with this band, I did some digging and listened to their past material as well as Necro Spirituals. The band has definitely taken a step in the right direction. This has landed them a deal with UK & Philadelphia based Candlelight Records. They play a blend of black metal meets "black & roll"; drifting more … [Read more...]

Album from Adebisi Shank in March

Check out the lead MP3s, "International Dreambeat" HERE and "Genki Shank" HERE. The Wexford, Ireland trio deftly merges the triumphant guitar harmonies of Fang Island with the mathematic precision of Battles, the genre-surfing playfulness of Daft Punk and churning intensity of HEALTH. But it's much more than the sum of those parts, it's a sound … [Read more...]