Julie Christmas – “Bow” video

Julie Christmas is a force to be reckoned with as a member of the band Made Out of Babies and as a solo artist.  Her debut album The Bad Wife was released this past autumn on Rising Pulse Records and “Bow” is the lead-off single.  Julie rips through “Bow” with unadulterated ferocity and desperation, but also with an anxious sweetness on the quieter passages.  She twists her words and exclamations into exasperated knots on the verses, and then releases her pent-up frustration and rage on the chorus with a Kat B’jelland-like roaring expulsion to her vocals.

The fanciful video for “Bow”, directed by Excellent Work (the director of photography is Rob Neilson), doesn’t quite mesh with the dark, passionate menace of Julie’s vocals, the sharp jags of guitar, or the heavy slabs of drums, but it does take the viewer on an enchanting, storybook journey.

The video seems to be a mash-up of Where the Wild Things Are and Little Red Riding Hood and it shows Julie fleeing through a forest dressed in a white cape (instead of red) with a monster in hot pursuit.  Cut into this chase are close-ups of Julie’s face which is covered with a warrior-like band of black paint across her eyes, a stark contrast to her innocent-looking white cloak.

The monster makes its appearance progressively, finally coming into full view near the end of the video.  The look of the monster seems to be Nick Cave-inspired (the costume designer and performance artist, not the singer/songwriter).  Julie and the monster eventually end up face to face and during this brief interlude the question pops up of who exactly is the hunter and who is the hunted…  Julie extends her arm and reaches out to the monster and… Check out the video to view the result: