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The Rural Alberta Advantage – Departing

For Toronto-based band The Rural Alberta Advantage, music has always been a work in progress. Perhaps it’s been something that they’ve worked through – starting off humbly and being selected as one of eMusic’s top rising bands before signing to Saddle Creek in 2009. The trio that consists of singer Nils Edenloff and musicians Amy Cole and Paul … [Read more...]

Monster Machismo – Aye Aye Porcupine

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”? I totally disagree with that statement, at least in the context of this review. YouTube and boredom can definitely lead you down some interesting paths. Therefore, I decided to do an experiment of sorts. I type into the search bar “best indie bands” and I am immediately hit with hundreds if not thousands of … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#19 (Eleventh Dream Day’s Rick Rizzo on Signals, Calls, And Marches)

Eleventh Dream Day’s Rick Rizzo on… Mission of Burma's Signals, Calls, And Marches (Ace Of Hearts Records, 1981) Thumbing through my LPs, which have grown to ball and chain proportions (the Eleventh Dream Day song “Life On A String” chronicles how I once carried “all my records packed in the trunk” of my car), I thought about how many … [Read more...]

Radiohead – The King of Limbs

It's always been Radiohead's way of doing things. Even when they were travelling through strong guitar rock and creating long-play albums with a substantial amount of music, they were always going against the grain, on their distinctive path. It's that trail-blazing approach that has always made them far more engrossing, far more innovative and far … [Read more...]

Bardo Pond – S/T

When a band has been making LPs for over two decades and release an album after a gap of five years between full-lengths, comparisons to past efforts are assuredly unavoidable. But not here. Somehow Bardo Pond releases have managed to elude my ears all these years, so this review comes to you unencumbered by expectation. This self-titled LP is … [Read more...]

Total Fucking Destruction – Hater

From the moment of their creation as the 21st Century began Total Fucking Destruction has been striving to experiment with sound and noise, in the process making their grindcore sound imaginative and intriguing. They now return with their third full length album Hater carrying the same aim and newer bolts of furious, titanic, stabs of power. How to … [Read more...]

New Album from Emily Arin With a plaintive, delicate voice, Montour Falls, New York’s, Emily Arin weaves tales concerned with the heavy graces of being human. Working with noted producers, Brian McTear (Matt Pond PA, Sharon Van Etten) and Greg Weeks (Espers), Arin has crafted songs … [Read more...]

Q&A with Randy Torres

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Mr. Randy Torres back in November of 2010. At the time, he was an A&R Rep. for Tooth & Nail Records, touring with my good friend Deon’s band Anberlin. Randy is currently a music supervisor at Microsoft. After the show, we were introduced and proceeded to spend the next few hours drinking, and discussing … [Read more...]

Burzum – “Jeg Faller” (“I Am Falling”)

Varg Vikernes is back with a brand new Burzum album titled Fallen, set for release on March 7, 2011. Just one year after Belus it seemed that this style is, and always will be, there in all its glory. Yet with Fallen a new and interesting sound has risen. Obviously different than Burzum's first offering which Vikernes set out making with the … [Read more...]

snowing – I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted

How would I characterize snowing’s first full length I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted? Well, imagine if all the alternative bands of the 90’s collided with one another and merged. The result of this tragic catastrophic collision would more than likely sound something like snowing. Take the nasally vocals from your favorite punk and pop-punk … [Read more...]