The Duke Spirit – “Everybody’s Under Your Spell”

As a teaser for their new Kusama EP, to be released in the UK on January 31st, The Duke Spirit (Liela Moss, vocals; Luke Ford, guitar; Toby Butler, guitar; Olly Betts, drums and percussion and Marc Sallis, bass guitar) released this little gem over the ‘net back in 2010. After the all-out rock ‘n’ roll of their last full-length release, Neptune, this track feels like a slight return to the more hard-edged, gritty Brit Pop sound that dominated on their first album, Cuts Across the Land. This is no bad thing.

“Everybody’s Under Your Spell” starts with an almost tribal drum pattern, pounding out like a heartbeat, before the full on assault of the first verse with wailing guitars and Liela Moss’s extraordinary voice, sultry and husky over everything, proclaiming; “I could pin a medal on you/I could pin a medal on you”. The chorus is a triumphant example of the type of fantastic rock hook you expect from The Duke Spirit, ushered in with a quick flourish on the bass guitar and then the epic crashing of cymbals and frantic guitars, as Moss wails; “Everybody’s under your spell/Everybody’s under your spell/I don’t think you would tell/But everybody’s under your spell”. This is a fast paced number, alive with the kind of rolling energy and momentum that was evident on tracks like “Send a Little Love Token” and “Lassoo” from Neptune. There’s a nice distorted guitar solo just before the last chorus; a splash of experimentation in what is essentially a well crafted, intensely catchy pop-rock number.

The quality of this track certainly bodes well for their EP release, and the energy and joy evident in the band’s performance on this recording gives us an exciting glimpse of what we can expect at their upcoming live UK shows.

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