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Nichelodeon – Il Gioco del Silenzio

Based around the compositions of singer Claudio Milano, Nichelodeon fits into a category all its own – avant-garde progressive opera. As the band’s first studio album (and follow-up to the live LP, Cinemanemico), Il Gioco del Silenzio (The Game of Silence) is a strange and hauntingly poetic piece. While the histrionic aspects aren’t for everyone, … [Read more...]

The Duke Spirit – “Everybody’s Under Your Spell”

As a teaser for their new Kusama EP, to be released in the UK on January 31st, The Duke Spirit (Liela Moss, vocals; Luke Ford, guitar; Toby Butler, guitar; Olly Betts, drums and percussion and Marc Sallis, bass guitar) released this little gem over the ‘net back in 2010. After the all-out rock 'n' roll of their last full-length release, Neptune, … [Read more...]

Sam Moss – Eight Constructions

Berklee student and erstwhile Connecticut resident Sam Moss has been spinning out prolific levels of virtuosic instrumentals – 5 solo recordings in less than 3 years – since 2008. With the philosophy of a jazz musician and the technical mastery of John Fahey, Moss is as fine a candidate as anyone for becoming the steel-string acoustic guitar’s 21st … [Read more...]

New Album from Haroula Rose

These Open Roads is the full-length debut from singer-songwriter Haroula Rose. It was produced by Andy Lemaster (Bright Eyes, The Good Life, Now It’s Overhead, REM, Azure Ray, Conor Oberst) recorded in Athens, GA at Chase Park Transduction Studio and in Andy’s living room. These Open Roads showcases Haroula’s richly melodic writing, deft guitar … [Read more...]

Whalers-How the Ship Goes Down (EP)

"I Slept With Her, Too", the lead track from Whalers' debut EP How the Ship Goes Down, provides a near exact template of what you can expect from this Austin band. It's simple swing beat and jangly guitar tone immediately reminds one of some kind of sixties band lost in time. A sweet melody, great vocals, and tongue in cheek lyrics are included as … [Read more...]

Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil

The one remaining constant in all of Deerhoof’s music is their unfailing ability in making tremendously stunning music with each and every album. Their sound is best described as experimental because of their multitude of styles and more so, their sometimes polarizing take on rock music. And although they’ve been one of the better bands in music … [Read more...]

White Mountains – Wilderness

Ambient music doesn't have to be wallpaper music. It doesn't have to bore you when you pay attention to it. White Mountains must know this because the band pulls off some really fine stuff here when it's not leaning too hard on its drum machine. At its best, the album Wilderness approximates the organic tones and moods of Boards of Canada; "Fast … [Read more...]

Interview with Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One)

While multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen may best be known for Ayreon, it is merely one of his many projects. Aiming for a heavier, guitar focused aesthetic, Star One released its first album, Space Metal, eight years ago. The follow-up, Victims of the Modern Age, has already received massive acclaim. DOA's Jordan Blum recently spoke to the man … [Read more...]

Teddy Presberg – Outcries from a Sea of Red

People who like their improvisatory music a little edgier than Spyro Gyra and a tad less avant-garde than Mededski, Martin, & Wood are bound to find contentment in the psychedelic jazz of St. Louis guitarist Teddy Presberg.  Though his six-string technique has all the underpinnings of vintage soul and blues music, Presberg is not the slightest … [Read more...]

Pure Reason Revolution – Amor Vincit Omnia

So sue me, I’m a completist.  I’ve recently reviewed Pure Reason Revolution’s latest release Hammer and Anvil and I know there’s a review of their debut The Dark Third kicking around on here somewhere. My fingers have been practically itching with obsessive compulsive excitement to start writing something about the band’s second album, Amor Vincit … [Read more...]