Madison – The Noise Some People Make EP

Madison – The Noise Some People Make EP

Like any form of art, music relishes in the method of self-expression. Being able to express whatever you want, however you want, is a freedom many people take quite seriously. For pop sensationalist Madison giving up the option of working in the medial field – where stability would be a guarantee – for the gutsy chance of being able to make great music is a condemnable one. Realizing what you want to do with your life is a monstrous decision and Madison is on her path in seeing it to fruition with the first of a four-part series of EPs, The Noise Some People Make.

For Madison, it’s quite simple really: remain true to yourself and churn out the finest slices of sugary pop. After all, there’s nothing wrong with pop music right? Like many of the newest New York fashion and style setters, the dance-pop style that Madison makes claim is to heavily influenced by 80s synths and keyboards. Her voice is a smooth blend between Garbage’s Shirley Manson and the subdued style of Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino; through the meticulous care of voice and instrument juxtaposition, Madison layers the music with rich textures that provide the songs a tuneful balance of sweet high notes and trembling beats.

And with a good-natured manner, Madison, delivers her proud “Superwoman” as the EP’s middle centerpiece. Bubbling with quivering beats and Madison singing, “I got those female curves…no, no I’m never bored,” the song supports a glimmering melody that sparkles with Madison’s effervescent delivery. It’s a fitting moment that helps solidify the short album with a strikingly identifiable song.

Though there is lots of shiny pop on The Noise Some People Make, Madison showcases her rock roots with the closer, “Hot Hot Love.” Like a take from The Kills, the song swells with a soaring chorus that is definitely meant to be heard blasting over any club’s speakers. Either way, she’s going to be expressing her music in whatever form she wants; her music’s already been used in TV and by DJs around the world, with this first EP there is not much from stopping Madison from continuing to rise above.

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