Product Review – MiCorder

Olens Technology out of California has the great new product called the MiCorder. It’s a palm-sized personal recorder that converts any stereo output to mp3. Although so much music is available digitally these days, the MiCorder is an inexpensive way to solve the problem of converting vinyl or tape to digital format without the need for a high-priced device to handle the conversion.

The MiCorder records to a standard SD card, which makes transferring your files to a computer extremely easy. The built-in microphone allows you to record your voice (or anything, really) without plugging in. The unit also comes with a mini USB cable (for connecting to a computer), 3.5 mm male-male stereo audio cable (for plugging in to an earphone jack to record), and earbuds.

I tried out my MiCorder in a number of different situations to see what the recording quality would be like; because let’s face it, the quality of the output is what really matters. While the MiCorder is incredibly easy to use and is affordable ($80 or less, depending on retailer), all of this means nothing if you can’t get a good quality mp3 from whatever you wish to record.

Fortunately, the MiCorder delivers exactly what you might want from a personal recorder. The sound quality is superb. I tried recording from a variety of sources and found them all to work well. Recording directly from a small guitar amp didn’t work perfectly – I imagine the source volume was too high and couldn’t get it perfectly adjusted – but using the built-in microphone to record the sound in the room worked with near perfection. There are also equalizer setting available to get the best sound, but right out of the box this little beauty is ready to go to work.

The MiCorder is a worthy investment for folks like me looking to digitally capture record albums for playback on an iPod. There are certainly tons of other uses and I can particularly see this as a musician’s friend when writing new songs or capturing a particular lick. Truly, whatever you wish to record can be accomplished with the MiCorder. It couldn’t be easier to use and the mp3’s produced are high quality – an overall great device!

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