Group Love – s/t EP

Group Love - s/t EP

Group Love are unsigned for whatever reason, but this Los Angeles product put themselves on my radar by coming out with a solid EP that features a killer song. That’s all you need, really, when you’re dealing with an EP. Just one killer song and a group of songs that can keep up decently. Their self-titled EP does a good job of that and now they’re somebody I’m gonna at least have an inkling to keep up with their forthcoming material.

The song in question is “Colours,” which is out of hand in terms of being catchy. The MVP is Christian Zucconi who comes up with these very deliberately patterned vocal melodies. None are better than on “Colours,” which he stutters words in the verses to give them a very rhythmic quality. The music swells around him and his acoustic guitar, which results in a nice accompaniment to Zucconi’s melody. The rest of the songs, led by the sunshine-vibing “Gold Coast,” work with Zucconi’s melodic style, solid but not as impressive as “Colours.” Sometimes, the music gets bland and fails to recapture that swelling noise that helps complements “Colours.”

It’d be good to see this band get more creative in its instrumentation, just like Zucconi got creative when writing his melodies. But again, this is just an EP and they do their job nicely. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this entire EP, but definitely listen to “Colours” and watch out for this band going forward to see what they have in store.