A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Autumn, Again

A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Autumn, Again

I often wonder if pop music will run out of melodies. I just can’t imagine that with the thousands of songs being created and published each day that the spectrum of musical combinations which most humans (popular music) find pleasing is infinite. I picture the critic of the future as an archeologist, digging through the archive of recorded melodies and running queries to determine if a new release is melodically unique. I can imagine a sticker on a record in a music store (if either of those things are still around) boasting “All-new melodies! Never before composed choruses!”

Already, we notice many active music listeners struggling to find something that sounds new. Maybe this observation is a derivative of the “It all sounds the same” myopia acquainted with the ignorant stereotype, but is there a point where “I’ve heard it before” is a factual possibility in every case? Should we be copyrighting choruses to prevent plagiarism in a world where new records are nothing but recycled fragments? What about A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s album Autumn, Again? Would they be sued?

Truly, we can’t know, and the idea is pretty silly and speculative to begin with. Autumn, Again, however, is right here right now: free for all and full of all-new melodies. Now before I discuss the important things about the album, it is necessary to dismiss the “Oh it’s free because it’s bad/not as good as their previous work” idea as completely wrong in this case. Let’s hope it the strategy works out for them.

Now the whole point of the first couple paragraphs of this review is that it seems that A Sunny Day in Glasgow has made a bunch of songs not with, but because of vocal melodies. Each song is full them; great voices carried barely by electronics and drums. It is supposed to be shoegaze, and there is enough fuzz to justify the genre, but fuzz is not the good thing about this album. It’s the melodies. I catch myself wondering if they are actually original, and if A Sunny Day in Glasgow can put their trademark on a good number of solid melodies with Autumn, Again, owning them forever. That would be crazy. Check out “Drink drank drunk” at least.

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