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Franz Nicolay’s Top 5 of 2010

Tim Fite - Under The Table Tennis Simply the best protest record I've heard in I don't know how long. Not that all records based on social and political anger are successful by any means, but sometimes I think it's disheartening that given the sheer number of heartbreaking and infuriating things we're faced with every day, that more musicians … [Read more...]

Madison’s Top Musical Moments, Top 10 Albums, and Most Anticipated for 2011

Top Musical Moments of 2010: Iceland Airwaves It is very popular to drink until you vomit in Iceland. I saw this at many show and clubs. It was awesome. The Postelles Who are cute! The Postelles rocked it in a really killer venue that was like an old theater on a lake called Coachella 2010 Bobby Womack onstage with … [Read more...]

7″ releases from Dead Western Plains

Dead Western Plains is a collective of young artists hailing from Tucson, AZ.   They piece together copious influences to create a widely colorful and rich sound; using rhythms that often favor reverie while adding emotive melodies and maverick lyrics that leave behind a sense of wonder and charm. "Alta" b/w "Gift Horse in the Mouth", recorded for … [Read more...]

Martin Holm (The Home Current/Second Language Records) – Top 10 of 2010

Sam McLoughlin & Alison Cooper - Natural / Supernatural Lancashire (Disposable Music) This is the sort of record that just makes you stop in your tracks whenever you put it on. Sounding in parts like a lost Roger Eno session, an instrumental Vashti Bunyan album and an obscure twin record to The Wickerman soundtrack, Disposable Music has … [Read more...]

Brent Amaker’s Top 5 Albums of 2010

1. The Sword - Warp Riders I like me some good heavy metal music.  I also like a good science fiction film.  So when The Sword released this heavy metal science fiction concept album, I was first in line to snatch it up.  I bought it on vinyl and would recommend you do the same.  The artwork is beautiful, the music is even better, and it plays … [Read more...]

Third album from Jumpel out now

Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to announce the release of the third album Europa by German minimal electronica maestro Jumpel. Inspired by Jo Dürbeck’s travels around Europe, Europa transforms Dürbeck’s personal memories of 11 different European locations into a gorgeous suite of minimal ambient electronica. The album acts as a kind of … [Read more...]

Michael L. Clamp (Lazarus Clamp) – Best of 2010

Bottomless Pit - Blood on the Bridge The other records on this list are in no particular order; I've enjoyed them all a lot. But the Bottomless Pit album is exceptionally, intimidatingly good. It’s a denser record than its magnificent predecessor (Hammer Of The Gods), and it has taken me longer to appreciate.  Partly this is because it doesn't … [Read more...]

Dearling Physique album scheduled for January

Unlike your typical scruffy indie band, fashion plays an integral role in the Minneapolis band Dearling Physique, allowing the band members to assume multiple roles and identities, or as band front man Domino Davis terms it in the most elegant sense, to “become numerous.” This sense is brought to life in Dearling Physique’s upcoming video for … [Read more...]

Artists on ’10

A variety of musicians jump in to the year-end festivities with their favorite albums, EPS and songs. Check out what these artists were listening to in 2010. Look for expanded lists from other artists later this week! Jake Orrall's (JEFF the Brotherhood) Top 10: Heavy Cream - Danny Ty Segall - Melted Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday Caitlin Rose … [Read more...]

The Best Albums of 2010: 10-1

10. Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record (Arts & Crafts) If there were one thing that we can surely blame Canada for, it would be the role it played in birthing some of the most unprecedented rock bands in the past decade. Broken Social Scene formed in Toronto, Canada during 1999 and started a wave of artsy grunge rock that would … [Read more...]