Parts & Labor – “Nowhere Nigh”

Parts & Labor - "Nowhere Nigh"

What starts out with an up-beat digitised groove turns into a Bakesale-era Sebadoh vocal styling via Dan Friel. “Nowhere Nigh” comes from Receivers, which happens to be their sixth album – seventh if you include their 2003 split with Tyondai Braxton. Parts & Labor formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, NY. Receivers is their third album on Jagjaguwar, home for some truly amazing bands like Bon Iver, Julie Dorion, and Black Mountain to name just a few. I was shocked to find that “Nowhere Nigh” is from 2008, I’ll have to go with “better late than never” on this one.

I first heard the song off a compilation that came free with Uncut Magazine back in March of 2010 called Heart And Soul:15 Brilliant Tracks From The Jagjaguwar Label. From a distant vocal to a loud, dissonant scream, vocalist Friel is in some way channelling the Ian Curtis inside himself howling “Motion grow in a field, a dull roar seeping, moldy coffins chromed and shined”. This comes just after a very similar homage to the Joy Division song “Digital”. Receivers is full of tracks guaranteed to ruin your day. Although they’re uplifting, not so much when listened to say, at 7:30am on the bus ride to work. All you can think of are the ones you’ve lost as well as feelings of regret, and an overwhelming sense of failure. This hollowness of the soul comes with equal parts though and between the cracks there’s an almost spiritual cattle call throughout the track that will repeat with each listen.

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