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New Album from Liam Singer

Dislocatia is a truly beguiling song cycle that contains multitudes. In Liam Singer’s music, the prosaic and the magical are two sides of the same dusty coin. Produced by Scott Solter, and featuring vocals from Boxharp’s Wendy Allen, Dislocatia is rich in wondrous, resonant details. These fantastical song-stories carry the listener skyward like a … [Read more...]

Kno – Death Is Silent

Better  known for his production work with down south indie Hip-Hop group Cunninlynguists, Death Is Silent is Kno's debut release, not just entirely produced by himself but also featuring his rhymes. For those who don't know, Kno has been at the forefront of making Cunninlynguists indie Hip-Hop royalty, a group that has evolved from its early but … [Read more...]

Keith Canisius – This Time It’s Our High

The sounds on This Time It’s Our High have a lot in common with Keith Canisius’ band Rumskib. The heavily-reverbed and spangly guitars, the waves of spacey synths mixed with programmed beats and the captivating female vocals are all in there. But there’s also a bit of a different feel too. Somewhat of an Animal Collective approach to making … [Read more...]

The Brute Chorus – How The Caged Bird Sings

The Brute Chorus has interesting lyrical inspirations. Rather than discuss anarchic rebellion, sex, drinking or any other clichéd subjects, they favor Biblical stories, nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Fusing this with a sound of garage, blues and folk, their sophomore LP, How The Caged Bird Sings, has a retro rock feel and some enticing moments. … [Read more...]

Julie Peel releases new Album

Julie Peel's “Living In A Movie” – first single from “Near The Sun” is out on September 14th. It’s been recorded in Stockholm with Andreas Dahlbäck, (producer and drummer for Anna Ternheim, Nina Kinert and Jona Lee) and Cyrille Catois, famous bass player in the Jazz scene. The Music video for the single was directed by Audrey Culver from MTV, and … [Read more...]

Susumu Yokota – Kaleidoscope

You can count on restless electronic producer Susumu Yokota to release an album every year, and you can expect each album to sound distinct from all the others, as well as internally consistent. After making a name for himself with a mix of melodic/ambient and shiny tech/house albums during his early years, Yokota has spent his last five albums … [Read more...]

New EP from James & Evander

James & Evander Present Sunlight & Circuitry "Turtle Two": After meeting in college in 2005, Oakland based duo James & Evander began making music together in the bedrooms of their apartments. There they discovered a shared love of Moog synthesizers and analog delays and began writing the … [Read more...]

The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra – The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra

Mostly, The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra is the creation of composer/multi-instrumentalist Andy McNeil. The Canadian musician creates a huge wall of sound and enlists the help of electronics, percussion and other scheming themes to convey something larger than life. Fortunately, his orchestra’s self-titled album is a fashionable … [Read more...]

The Winebirds- Seance Hill

The time-honored tradition of rhythmic pop! The Winebirds are winding through much treaded territory on their new album, Seance Hill. This, however, isn't a bad thing. We can forgive genre replicators if their hearts are in the right place, or if the music is good enough. In this case, The Winebirds make good enough music to make it worth your … [Read more...]

Status Reign – American Queen

Status Reign is not your typical rapper, he's not arrogant, flashy or melodramatic nor is he afraid of telling you the truth. His full length debut Brutally Honest is due April 5th, 2011 and is shaping up to be some of the finest work heard from the state of Minnesota NOT Atmosphere or Doomtree. He's been getting a ton of positive press recently … [Read more...]