New Album from Wooden Wand

James Jackson Toth, AKA Wooden Wand is releasing Death Seat, his label debut for Young God Records, produced by Swans’ Michael Gira.

Toth is your fearless friend, the stumbling guy that goes out and gets himself into some incredibly fucked-up situations but comes out shining and lives to tell you all about it, entertaining you safely and immensely. It’s obvious he’s animated with the same spirit that’s moved through Willie, Waylon, Merle, and Hank, his songs unfurling with a similar casual authority. There’s no space between who he is (laying floors in Murfeesboro, TN at the moment) and the work he does. He’s never without a guitar, and is always writing or listening to/seeking out new music. The language and the singing is effortless and without loaded portent-it goes down smooth.

James has previously released records with Kill Rock Stars, Ryko and Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label; Lee Renaldo produced one of them.